AMBY teams up with Budweiser Stage for incredible Summer ‘17!

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Summer is my favourite time of the year. Sure the hot sun, easy-coming tan, and barbeque is nice, but the best part is the summer concerts. Summer concerts are a massive part of my life, as owning AMBY, I find myself running around all summer long covering shows.

Today I’m overjoyed to share that Budweiser Canada has joined forces with Live Nation to create an incredible 2017 summer concert season by heightening the fan experience with the brand-spankin’ new Budweiser Stage! That’s right, the legendary Amphitheatre in Toronto is getting a total facelift for music lovers to indulge in, along with a new logo.

So where does AMBY come into play with all of this wonderful news? I’m proud to announce that I’ve teamed up with Budweiser and AMBY will be sharing some thrilling summer-long experiences to our viewers!

Now, I know you might be wondering “what will Budweiser Stage look like?” or “what are they going to change?” Without giving too much away (you know I love surprises), here are a couple of the upgrades I can’t wait for:

They’re going to decrease wait time in queues by adding more concession locations –more refurbished concession locations with upgraded concession offerings, I might add – and expand the cashless payment options with tap, chip and pin, and mobile payment apps. Which means that Alicia will be saying hello to an amazing poutine and music combo WAY quicker than ever before!

Another feature they’re focusing on is enhancing the pre-show experience; fans will be allowed to arrive early at the venue and enjoy Budweiser Stage before the concert even starts.

My first concert ever was at The Amphitheatre when I was three years old and saw The Spice Girls. My favourite concert I ever went to was seeing The Used with Blink-182 at The Amphitheatre. As you might be able to tell, I have a lot of memories at this venue, but the venue hasn’t really changed at all and nearly two decades have gone by.

I love change, I embrace change, and I am so extremely excited to be a part of this change. Be sure to follow Budweiser Stage on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all forthcoming updates and use the hashtag #budstage to join in on the conversations! I’ll see all of you in the crowd at Budweiser Stage soon!

Much love,

-AA xo

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