Gambling policy and regulations


Pro et contra

Gambling as an element of an entertaining industry is an integral part of the development of civilisation. Nowadays, gaming business is very popular as well as profitable all over the world. According to the results of an audit company “PricewaterhouseCoopers”, the income of a worldwide gaming industry is around 340 billion dollars.

Knowing such figures, everyone wishes to try luck, get unbelievable emotions and of course, become rich very quickly.

It leads to the point that gambling games are a social phenomenon. Hence, a lot of attention is paid to it from the state’s side. The attitude of the government to this sphere is usually determined by two polar opposite factors. From the one hand, games were and are an opportunity for a state to boost the coffers. From the other hand, a game is always in contradiction with rules of morality and virtue. Moreover, it is capable of accumulating absolutely all human sins. It follows from here that the majority of people across the globe are negative in the matter of gambling. And their attitude can’t be ignored especially now when the development of the industry is only growing.


Online/offline casinos

Free online slots no download are extremely popular worldwide. Nevertheless, European Gaming & Betting Association considers that very soon European bureaucrats will introduce new norms regulating online gambling websites. In the words of Martin Haydjer, these norms will be included in the future guideline of whitewashing, which marks the beginning of unification and regulating of European politics regarding gambling business. Exactly this industry has been waiting for such changes since 2010.

“EGBA works hard with European institutions to include internet gambling games into the aforementioned guideline. The new guideline guarantees that providers of gambling games will get one document of rules and regulations that in its turn will control provision of their services on the territory of European Union” – explained Haydjer.

Despite this, the guideline will not deal with traditional offline casinos – they will still be controlled on the national level. Martin Haydjer added: “Risk-oriented number will deal with all services, except for traditional ones, where large sums of money are played.”

“Considering the fact that players use only online transfers or e-payments on the internet, it would be easy for EGBA to trace them. That’s why the betting association is 100% sure that such system will provide safe gaming online services on a European market.”

Conclusion: constant changes in policies and regulations

The environment of online games in Europe is subjected to constant changes, especially regarding its legislative regulation. There are countries that are only thinking about legislation and introduction of a certain controlling system over their online gaming markets. Whereas other countries have already done it. Currently, they are trying to add regulating structure so that it is comfortable for both parties: customers and operators as well as a regulating model that is implemented by the European Union.