Slot games inspired by superheroes


It so turned that the superhero universe has opened a door to literally unmatched source of income for the Hollywood moviemakers. Both Marvel and DC characters have become the mere icons of recent blockbusters. Batman fighting with Superman and Steve Rogers turning against Tony Stark… these two clashes provoked both confusion and wild enthusiasm in the rows of fans and cinemaddicts. The excitement had started to grow insane long before the movies were actually released. As the result, crowds of people arrived to premieres and hundreds of millions in dollar equivalent flew into the hands of studios during the first weeks.

Superheroes coming to video games


Naturally, the biggest representatives of a game industry like Warner Brothers and Rocksteady Studios couldn’t neglect the rush around commix heroes. Same referred to developers of the free spin slot machines, inspired by the huge success of both movies and classic video games. Meanwhile, a ‘child-friendly’ type of a superhero (by analogy with earlier versions of Spiderman) couldn’t guarantee the proper level of product’s success any longer. The reason was obvious: modern users were extremely hard to amaze unless a hero was pictured truly breathtaking. With this in mind, the superhero games have undergone some fundamental changes. Thus, projects like ‘Injustice’ and ‘Arkham Knight’ have come to blow minds of the experienced gamers.

Heroes of commixes featuring in slots


Strictly following the trends of the video game universe, companies developing slots picked up an idea of using commix heroes and put those into their own products. With regards to that fact, the new type of slots has arrived – a superhero slot. Due to providers turning this concept into sensation, gamblers around the world have finally got their chance to see the favorite characters conquering the gamers’ hearts:

  • The Dark Knight Rises (by Microgaming)

The confrontation between Batman and Bane has found its reflection in a slot machine. The game offers 5 reels, 243 pay-lines and a great deal of options allowing for some really huge payouts. The soundtrack and graphics are just stunning. The game can be found on some of the most eminent casino sites (Lucky 31, Royal Panda and others).

  • Superman (by NextGen)

Alongside with Wonder Woman and Green Lantern NextGen decided to make a formidable gift to all the slot and DC fans and released their famous Superman. The 5-reel 50-line game offers a bonus round “Save the World”, multiplying winnings by 50 times. The slot is available on the websites like Double Star, 21 Casino etc.

  • X-men (by Playtech)

One should say it’s one of the most frequently played superhero slots found on the internet. Playtech have released quite a number of games inspired by Marvel commix. ‘X-men’ is one of those. Among heroes on the screen you may clearly recognize Magneto, Wolverine, Mystique, Storm and many more famed characters. The slot comes with 5 reels, 25 lines and progressive jackpot. VideoSlots and CasinoPlex are currently the best places to try it.