The Tour Manager’s Guide Podcast: RAC (Remix Artist Collective)


RAC is the moniker of Portuguese American musician Andre Allen Anjos. For the last few years he has become a fixture in the remix game. But Andre doesn’t do your normal WA WA WA WA club mix. He takes raw vocal stems and builds entirely new songs. He also makes money as a DJ AND has released successful solo material. Did I mention that he’s been nominated for 2 Grammys?

If you are a band and have a label that can afford him… they’ve probably tried to hire RAC at some point. But how did get here? How did a kid from Porto become arguably the most sought after remixer in the industry?

We caught Andre at home in Portland, OR prepping for tour. This interview was conducted via Skype so the audio quality isn’t fantastic but it’s all there. What I found most interesting is that Andre approaches this as a job. Remixing is his small business. He likes it… but this isn’t a “passion” project.

This episode is for you IF:

  • You love RAC
  • You hate RAC
  • You want to marry Andre Anjos
  • You’d never marry Andre Anjos
  • You want to be a remix artist
  • You want to be in the music industry
  • And much more.

Listen away! And if you’d prefer to listen on iTunes, click here. Find more episodes with 311, Neon Indian and more on iTunes, Stitcher. For more Tour Manager guide info check out The Blog and My Twitter!

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