Pros and Cons of Online Sports Betting in Australia

Online sports betting has become an interesting phenomenon in recent years with more and more Australians opting for this route of gambling more than any other. As a country with several sports occupying the minds and interest of a larger population, it is not surprising that betting on sports is one of the popular forms of gambling in this part of the world.

In the past, punters used to visit a shop in order to bet on the favourite sporting events. This meant that the lazy and those not heavily involved in sports did not choose to go down the route of betting.

The arrival of sports betting online has enabled a majority of the people to bet on events. It has brought about its pros and cons in equal measure.

Advantages of Sports Betting in Australia

Convenience – As a huge country, it is not easy to visit a local shop in order to place bets. It is more convenient to go down the online route so that you can place bets at all times. This means the ability to scour for better odds and the possibility of opting for last-minute bets. Invariably, last-minute bets have a greater probability of success since several aspects like team news are not available until the final minutes.

Promotions – Even though online betting has grown remarkably in recent years, it continues to trade the physical counterpart by a significant margin. In order to promote online betting most customers, bookmakers are giving out numerous promotions that will result in players receiving a double of the first deposit or a minimum bet for free. It is even possible to find no deposit betting options, more of which can be found at

Easy Transactions – As gambling is not banned in Australia, a virtual account is enough to get started with regard to the online sports betting account. No longer do you have to carry around cash in order to bet on events. Linking the account at a bookmaker with your credit card quickly sets up the ability to place bets without having to enter detailed information every time.

Comparison of Odds – Each bookmaker comes out with specific odds about events and it is highly unlikely that all these odds would be similar. It is recommended that a punter does not stick with just one bookmaker, as it limits the possibility of finding the best odds possible concerning an event.

Opening up physical accounts with bookmakers and comparing those before each bet is a hugely cumbersome process, and almost impossible in a country like Australia. Opting for online sports betting and dedicated aggregators makes it easier to find, compare, and place bets across different bookmakers.

Disadvantages of Sports Betting

Addiction – Addiction is one of the primary disadvantages when it comes to any form of gambling, but this problem is only magnified when it comes to online sports betting since the player has easy access to the account at all times. The convenience of this form of betting means that even though lazy or the less interested step up to place bets. Gambling is well-regulated and fully legal in Australia, thus addiction is a big disadvantage.

Getting Carried Away – One of the important rules when it comes to betting, in Australia and basically everywhere, is to avoid getting carried away. It is possible to succeed in this industry but only when a punter has strict adherence to elements like betting with head rather than the heart. Another element is also to not chase after lost winnings.

Even though the odds are always against the punter, careful analysis and research will help them get the better of the bookmaker more often than not. Yet, there are also occasions when losses are part of the game. It is important to take the losses on the chin and move on.


Online betting is certainly not for everyone. Even if it makes for a convenient option to make predictions on future sporting events, there is a possibility of losing a significant amount of money. Even worse would be the possibility of getting addicted to the world of gambling.

Thankfully, Australian sports betting scenario has matured incredibly in recent years. Responsible gambling options are offered by every bookmaker, and they prevent the player from placing excessive deposits over a period of time. A disadvantage of this element would be that the player gets to choose the deposit limits rather than the bookmaker.

If, however, you are good at researching and identifying trends, the world of sports betting can be a hugely rewarding one. It is not an investment option, but one that can be used to fetch reasonable returns if done with careful adherence to self-guidelines.

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