5 newest songs about Las Vegas

Songs that are inspired by the Sin City – Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The gambling industry is closely connected with music world and exactly that’s why not everything that happens in Vegas always stays there but comes out through songs. Such kind of music immediately becomes popular as it is played not only on TV, radio, online and many other places but also at casinos during club parties and other entertaining shows. The songs about Las Vegas can be heard in original versions as well as remixed ones.

Nobody can tell exactly why singers or songwriters are inspired by the Sin City so much. Maybe it is because of the adrenaline they receive when playing poker, roulette or slot machines? Maybe it is the mind-blowing nightlife with pool parties and famous DJs? Or maybe it is a thought that absolutely everything can be done there? Whatever the reason is, there is no escaping from the fact that Las Vegas was, is and always will be a muse of the best and most popular singers worldwide. To name just a few: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, the Clubstrophobia, etc.

These famous singers’ tracks can be listened to not only when visiting traditional gambling houses but when playing in virtual casinos websites. It brings excitement as well as helps to celebrate the wins. If you are a keen internet gambler and are looking for reliable and trusted websites then online casino reviews read here – they can greatly help you.

Clubstrophobia “Vegas”

Las Vegas

The song “Vegas” by Clubstrophobia is very popular in dozens of different casinos across Vegas. It would be also interesting to know that despite the fact that the song is about Las Vegas, it originated miles away from the Sin City – in Norway. So how could such a distance not be a barrier for a great, relaxing and clubbing song? Well, that will remain a secret.

The video and the music are just awesome and perhaps, that’s why it was nominated for the Best Music Video for its unusual style and colourful execution.

Katy Perry “Waking up in Vegas”

Las Vegas

This particular music is perfect when going out to casinos’ night clubs. The song is fascinating and is capable of making absolutely everyone dance. Katy gives an advice to “shake the glitter off your clothes”, making it a witty response to a night out in the city.

Lady Gaga “Poker Face”

Las Vegas

Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” has become an anthem of the Sin City a few years ago and still is. The song is all about gambling, cards, intuition and, of course, love: “A little gambling is fun when you are with me.”

Sara Bareilles “Vegas”

Las Vegas

In her song, Sara Bareilles is a desperate dreamer who first travels to New York, then visits Mexico, then crosses the ocean, etc. But there is one destination she always comes back to – Vegas. The lyrics along with Bareilles’s voice are just an amazing combination.

Gram Parsons “Ooh Las Vegas”

Las Vegas

It is a wonderful song describing a poor man gambling. There is a dilemma as to whether should he play or not? It is considered to be one of the finest songs about the Sin City.

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