Five Favourite Fab Gigs: The Dig

The Dig
Photo by Sean Macneil

In our latest feature, The Dig tell AMBY about their all-time favourite shows ahead of their performance at Toronto’s The Velvet Underground on February 28th. The Dig’s latest record Bloodshot Tokyo is available for download here and tickets for the forthcoming Toronto show are available here.

Fear at Warped Tour 2001 in Los Angeles:  I was a huge fan of Punk Rock music growing up and Fear was one of my favs.  The Hardcore punk rock scene of the late 70’s and 80’s was certainly passed it’s heyday at this point but for kids who were seduced by punk rock culture and obsessed with that era of music, Fear was special.  The show was raucous and uplifting, everything you want in a good punk rock show.  I remember the drummer wearing a Miles Davis t-shirt which stuck with me.  During the set Flea from the Red Hot Chili peppers was in the audience rocking out the entire time, and the band ended up calling him on stage to play a couple songs on bass.  Definitely one of the more exciting shows I’ve seen.

The Dig at The Delancey 2007:  This show goes down in the books of all time goofy moments in rock ‘n’ roll history, which is why it is now retrospectively one of my favorite shows we’ve ever played.  At this point we hadn’t really released any music and really hadn’t played much as The Dig.  I think we were pretty green and weren’t really taking things too seriously.  For starters we all showed up to the gig with fresh haircuts which made us look like we were 13 years old.  During the set I broke a guitar string; we took this really long awkward break and I walked out into the audience (an audience of 3) to grab some strings out of my bag. I didn’t notice but a melty piece of gum was stuck to my ass and as I walked into the audience the gum stretched across the stage and down onto the empty dance floor.  Needless to say, we did not receive an encore.

Tour opening for Portugal. The Man 2010: This tour holds a special place in our hearts as a band.  We became really close with all the guys in Portugal.The Man, and also a couple of guys from the band Port O’Brien who started their own band Quiet Life.  Every show was magical on this tour, and although we’ve really enjoyed all of our tours, we’ve sort of been chasing the dragon ever since.

Opening for Beady Eye at The Metro, Chicago 2011:  We got to play, and hang with real life Rock Stars!  Seeing them arrive at the venue and the paparazzi flock around them as they walked through the door was a real trip.  Before the show we could over hear Liam singing Happiness is Warm Gun on his acoustic guitar, that was neat.  After the show we hung with Andy Bell and chatted about Nirvana.

Eagles of Death Metal at The Echo, Los Angeles 2012: I’ve seen Eagles a handful of times, always a blast.  This was a benefit show for one of the their friends who had been in an accident and they were raising money to pay for his medical bills.  It was great because there were less people at this one, so it was quite the intimate experience, however the intimacy did not hog-tie the show’s energy.  You gotta hand it to Mr. Hughes, he’s quite the showman.


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