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Amber Run

When a quiet moment presents itself between songs front man Joshua Keogh recalls a period where Amber Run weren’t totally in love with music. For a time during the band’s career, there seemed to be a long-standing pause that left mystery surrounding the next step. In 2017 though, the band released ‘For A Moment I Was Lost’. A befitting title, the follow-up to debut album ‘5AM’ has taken them back on the road with newer and at times more aggressive material.

‘Spark’ and ‘Pilot’ ensure their audience is grabbed by a familiar hold early on in the night. If there’s any way to test a crowd ‘Spark’ certainly creates the ideal opportunity. And in Sheffield those singing the familiar chorus “Let the light in, Let the light in” hint that the night is in no way going to be a washout. New material also seems to fit seamlessly into their plans. Continuing where the band left off ‘Stranger’ flicks between minimalistic instrumentals and powerful vocal outbursts that are typical of Amber Run’s style.

Unafraid to lean heavily on new material their fans seem more than accepting of this choice. Words already inscribed in their minds, each new offering is sung back towards the stage as though it had been performed for them on multiple occasions. Even Keogh seems pleasingly overwhelmed by their reception, thanking his audience persistently.

‘I Found’ features during a three track encore, that is vulnerable at its core. During the still and quiet moments of the band’s earlier hit, an uneasy silence lingers in the air. One heckle could easily disrupt and tarnish the atmosphere created. However, it more comically comes between songs, when one fan adoringly screams “I love you” and is immediately replied to by Keogh with a drawn out “fuck”.

On stage Amber Run appear comfortable and even new material sounds incredibly well versed. Injecting as much energy as possibly into their performance it’s their new sign off ‘No Answers’ that remains most memorable. Screaming down the mic, any usual control in vocals is completely forgotten as Keogh shouts “And still I got no answers for you” before running to the front of the stage and letting loose.



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Review and Photos by Jacob Flannery |

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