Exclusive EP Premiere: Marcio Novelli – “The Reimagining, Vol 1.”

Marco Novelli
Photo by Lawrence O. Faj

It’s a thrilling day to be in the shoes of Hamilton-based artist Marcio Novelli – or a Novelli fan, for that matter – as today marks the release of his highly-anticipated EP The Reimagining, Vol 1.

Putting a stripped-down, acoustic spin on seven tracks from his pop-rock discography, the release allows for songs’ heart-wrenching and intimate qualities to brightly shine through on the self-produced EP.

If you thought self-producing was impressive, Novelli’s skills don’t stop there; he writes, arranges, composes, and performs all of his own songs and co-directed, produced, and edited the accompanying music videos. When asked about the EP, Novelli shared with AMBY;

“This EP is something I’ve wanted to do for a while – stripped down versions of my songs that closely resemble the mood and style they embodied when I first wrote them. While my albums tend to take you on a bit of a roller-coaster ride of emotions representative of the mood fluctuations I experience in a day, this EP is what it sounds like when my day fades to night – I put the kids to bed and pick up my guitar to soothe my restless soul and melancholic heart.

I first hit the studio in October 2014, picking back up in Spring 2015, completing all acoustic guitar parts and vocals. After a year and a half of putting the project on the back-burner, I returned to it in Autumn 2016 and breathed new life into the songs by composing piano and string arrangements for every song which elevated the recordings from simply acoustic versions to something entirely new that can stand on its own. I completed the EP during a long break in production on my new album when I was reconsidering whether or not to continue making music. I can now say that this process reignited my love for music and reminded me of the reason I write songs.”

If you happen to be a fan of City and Colour’s tenderness or Dashboard Confessional’s warm, story-like lyricism, it’s about time you hop on the Marcio Novelli train if you’ve yet to. With a sophomore scheduled for release later this year, The Reimagining, Vol 1. is a beautiful taste of what’s to come from this imaginative artist. Exclusively indulge in the videos that create The Reimagining, Vol 1. on AMBY and follow updates from Marcio Novelli below.


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