Review + Photos: Kasabian @ Venue Cymru – Llandudno


Kasabian’s performance on the BBC’s venerable (and sadly only) music show, Later… with Jools Holland the night before hinted at the musical shift that can be expected on the new record, For Crying Out Loud due out on 5th May. Bless This Acid House and particularly the singalong groove of You’re in Love with a Psycho, replete with its killer power chords, suggest a return to a more orthodox indie philosophy. Time will tell, but this evening’s performance in the relatively small confines of Venue Cymru in the Victorian seaside town of Llandudno in North Wales demonstrates their penchant for huge riffs and epic choruses that sweep up all and sundry with their partisan spirit and élan.

The evening kicks off a few minutes later than scheduled, which does not come as a surprise to many. The Leicester band have clearly been waiting to see the outcome of the Champions League encounter between The Foxes and Athletico Madrid. The match does not end favorably for The Blues but this does not seem to affect the boy’s mood in any way and they march on stage with the rollicking Comeback Kid. The new track is a huge indie anthem mixed with subtle 50s inspired stylings and an arms aloft chorus that crashes over the baying crowd who can’t believe their luck; here’s a band who headlined the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury in 2014 and we’re all experiencing one of the UK’s best rock acts in a 1500 capacity venue! Already, it is proving to be a bit of a treat.

Bumblebee maintains the pace but when the distorted strains of Underdog surge amongst us the seams of the venue are on the verge of splitting as the crowd bounce along with joyous abandon. Eez-Eh adds some of 48:13s pulsing electronica that I was always skeptical about but Shoot the Runner ensures the gig never strays too far from the whopping rock anthems which the band seem to have returned to on the new record. Right on cue, You’re in Love with a Psycho follows and it’s as if the Leicester band have returned to an old classic. It certainly seems to have connected with fans old and young and they all vociferously bellow back the chorus like they’ve known it for years.

The first half of the set is a rip-roaring affair which the second half unfortunately can’t completely sustain. That may just be down to my indifference to the 48:13 material. Bassist Chris Edwards is also having a bit of a torrid time which possibly affects the flow of the show which has been relentless up to this point. The front row are treated to more of the bass technician’s ass than they would probably wish for as he attempts to solve Chris’ persistent issue that thankfully doesn’t turn the whole affair into a Radiohead/Coachella moment, and the band return to their groove with the iconic L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) complimented by a roaring contribution from the boisterous crowd that any football stadium would appreciate.

The highly anticipated Fire subtly emerges from the ashes of Vlad the Impaler during the encore creating pandemonium amongst the partisan crowd and the band perhaps wisely end on the more subtle acoustic tones of new track Put Your Life On It, ensuring we have all suitably calmed down before facing the cool sea breeze as we emerge from Venue Cymru, thrilled and completely entertained by a band who are still as inventive and relevant as they were when they emerged to such acclaim in 2004.



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Review and Photos by Iain Fox | @IainFoxPhoto

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