You’ve GOT to Hear This: Shadowlark – “Do Your Worst”

ShadowlarkUndeniably raw lyrics, with vocals somewhere between Duffy and Gabriella Cilmi. Shadowlark is a talented, young, 3-piece making their way on to the UK music scene. There aren’t many complete comparisons that can be made while listening to ‘Do Your Worst’, their debut single, but for me the closest I can get to describe it would be a mashup of Alice in Chains and Fickle Friends.

The mixture of 80’s synths and modern day mixing, isn’t something I’ve heard many bands get right in the past. Shadowlark, however, seem so confident in their ways that it just does work.

Regardless of how you feel about their style of music, there’s one thing that can be said for sure, and that is that today’s world is lacking completely raw talent. Built from the base of Ellen Smith’s vocals and upwards, there has to be a complete, undeniable, appreciation for the musical talent found here.

The band’s debut single, ‘Do Your Worst’, is out now via Vital Music Group. The track was recorded and mixed by Dan Austin (Massive Attack, Doves, Biffy Clyro) and Vada Studios. Discover this and more on their website and socials below.


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Piece by Will Bailey | @w_bailey95

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