The Importance of Background Music in the Casinos

The Purpose of Music in Casinos

For a very long time now, background music has played an essential part in virtually any land-based Casino in the world.  Its initial use and the main purpose was that of creating and maintain a certain atmosphere or mood, in order to make gamblers feel more relaxed and cosy during their sessions. Nowadays very few people visiting a Casino will actually pay any attention to the musical score being played, while the majority won’t even notice it. It’s quite an interesting fact because music has played an important part throughout history, while several studies and tests conducted in the 19th and 20th centuries have shown that the type of music associated with particular moments or even music in general, can have a real and subtle influence on the human behaviour.


With all this in mind, as well as several well-known subterfuges that almost each Casino uses in order to elude the notion of time from their clients, one has to ask: is background music still just an average element of décor and entertainment, or is there an actual psychology behind the music played in each Casino?

Modern Reasons Behind Background Music in Casinos

Music can affect and in particular cases even alter the human state of mind and behavior, and in this direction, several interesting studies have been conducted recently, in order to determine its impact on gambling behavior. One of the most interesting ones observed and analyzed the reactions of 101 male and female test subjects, while playing a gambling slot on a computer, in two different instances. All subjects spent equal amounts of time gambling while listening to intense low-tempo music as well as high-tempo afterwards. The results were quite surprising, showing that both genres can lead to compulsive gambling behavior, yet in different manners. When playing and listening to low-tempo music, all subjects have shown an increased persistence in gambling, taking their time and placing a considerably larger number of bets than usual. On the other hand, while listening to high-tempo music, their gambling behavior was more intense, and the reaction to absolutely each bet, much faster.

Nowadays, very few details remain random in a Casino. Almost each aspect has been though through, from the absence of clocks on the walls to having their drinks refilled before even noticing they finished them, from the wide variety of similar slot machines or table games to the constant dim light inside. After all, these are passion games, and creating an intense and passionate atmosphere for gamblers, will only amplify this feeling. A different yet equally interesting research study, took the question of Casino music significance directly to several Casino Managers. The results were extremely interesting! Each of them admitted paying a great deal of importance on the type of background music played at any time in the Casino and more or less all of the pointed out two different type of music. On one hand, they had recorded live music being played outside the main gaming floor, and mostly when it came to activities that did not imply gambling directly. For the main gaming area, recorder background music seemed the most suitable, and in order to create a certain mood and atmosphere, some of the Managers also admitted having altered the temp and genres.

Final Thoughts on the Impact of Music in Casinos


Whether it is meant to amplify gambling behavior or just to create the most comfortable environment for it, music has always played an important part in the overall Casino experience. More and more players are starting to use personal portable music devices in order to customize their gambling sessions, and perhaps the future focus of Casinos will target individual tastes rather than mass behavior.

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