Ticket Crusader – the best site for secret concert pre-sales and tips

ticket-crusaderAs someone who’s at concerts many times a week, I know what it’s like to painfully wait for presale passwords or endlessly search the internet for information on shows I want to attend. You music lovers know how it works – we’ll practically do anything to see our favourite bands live, and that’s why I love Ticket Crusader.  Ticket Crusader is my one-stop shop for presale passwords, show announcements, and ticket related tips. And get this, all of the information they offer to the public is free!

I receive hundreds of emails daily – that come straight from the source like management or publicity – about tour announcements and am amazed to see how quickly Ticket Crusader have the news up on their website. By sharing exclusive presale codes from ticket vendors like Live Nation and Ticket Master, Ticket Crusader warrants that us music fanatics won’t be left refreshing our pages over and over hoping we’ll secure tickets to that dream show of ours (admit it, we’ve all been there).

Aside from sharing tons of insightful tips on concerts, Ticket Crusader also offers information on music festivals. I’m the type of person who wants to make sure I know everything about the festival I’m attending and the articles on Ticket Crusader include all the information I usually have to search around on the internet for. Take a festival like Stagecoach for example, California’s Country Music Festival. Ticket Crusader has information on wristbands, when passes go on sale, the types of passes you can purchase, parking accommodations, and even payment plans – all on one page.

Another amazing feature is their “Ticket How-To Guides” which effortlessly walk you through how to get your hands on festival and big ticket concerts. This feature, alike the festival pages, also includes all the details you need to know about the event so fans can make their music experience the best it can be.

The website itself is simple to navigate through and has a super clean layout, making all tips and tricks easy to find. So what are you waiting for? Go have a look to see how you can save money and learn more about the concerts you’re most excited to see this Fall!

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