Photos: AMBY goes behind the scenes with alt-rock group Neon Waltz in Scotland

Neon Waltz

The Scottish indie band and hidden music gem Neon Waltz has just released a debut album called Strange Hymns, and the group used the occasion to have a fresh tour around the UK to share the full material. It is a rock solid record filled with pasionated lyrics and a blooming sound, that certainly shows off the great quality they have put into each elements of the work. This definitely makes it a must listen to record, and also them a great band to look out for at the moment. We were then quite excited to join the six-piece band for a couple of shows in Edinburgh and Ayr on the recent tour. We got to watch the band present the new material well on-stage, and found out what they then get to do with their time between the shows. A trip that brought us plenty of good moments, including Tennents beer and mascot puppet Stevie. So, follow along right here as we get to share a fine bunch of photos from our time with Neon Waltz.



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Piece by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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