The Bands We Hope Re-unite

No matter your age it is devastating to see one of your favourite bands call it a day. You have put in serious man hours listening to their discography, possibly spent an obscene amount of money on merchandise and tickets to see them live, for them to just pull the plug.

Occasionally, however, bands give us a glimmer of hope and go against the live betting odds by reforming. Spice Girls have reformed, Take That have had a successful comeback and Fall Out Boy survived their hiatus.

Not all bands return but here are four of the bands we hope get back together and the odd of that actually happening.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd were an English Rock Band that formed in 1965.  They were known for their progressive music and brilliant concept albums. The most famous line up dissolved in 1979 when Richard Wright, keyboardist, left and then in 1985, bassist and vocalist, Roger Waters also left.

Syd Barrett, a founding member, left in 1968 but was replaced by David Gilmour who had joined in 1967.

Two of their albums ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ and ‘The Wall’ remain two of the best-selling albums of all time. So fans, old and new, are wondering if they will ever see the band reunite.

The chances of all the founding members reforming are nil due to the death of original vocalist and lead guitarist Syd Barrett in 2006 as well as the death of keyboardist Richard Wright in 2008.

But will there be a reunion of the surviving members? Nick Mason, drummer, said he would play with the band again if given the opportunity, however his feelings are not reciprocated by the other members. David Gilmour is retired and has repeatedly dismissed the idea of Pink Floyd getting back together, he also told the Telegraph in 2015 that “Roger and I have outgrown each other, and it would be impossible for us to work together on any realistic basis.”

With these remarks and the fact that surviving members are now in their 70s, this is one band we probably won’t see reuniting.

Odds of a reform: 100/1

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance

In 2013 My Chemical Romance announced that the band was ‘Dead!’ and called it a day. Nearly five years later fans are wondering if they will ever get to see the ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ on stage once more.

Since splitting, each member of the band have taken the opportunity to explore their passions. For most that remained to be music, such as Frank Iero, Mikey Way and Ray Toro, who all went  on to explore new bands and solo ventures.

Former frontman Gerard Way immediately released a solo album called Hesitant Alien in 2014. Since then, however, he has moved away from music and is concentrating on this other passion which is comic books and graphic novels. Recently he has been working with Netflix on his graphic novels, The Umbrella Academy, being made into a TV series for the entertainment provider.

Gerard Way told NME that the band will always be there for them, but for now it is an added layer of stress the members don’t need while they are all focusing on their own lives.

With that there is disappointment and hope, we won’t be seeing My Chemical Romance reform just yet but it sounds as if it isn’t completely off the cards.

Odds of a reform: 11/4

Destiny’s Child

Destiny's Child

These ‘Independent Women’ decided that they were too independent to remain a trio in 2005. But in the pro-feminism world that we live in today, is it time for these ‘Bootlyicious’ females to make a comeback?

This band used to consist of four members but eventually went down to the better known three in 2001.

As with most band splits, each member uses the opportunity to explore going solo and trying something different. Destiny’s Child was no different.

Let’s start with powerhouse Beyoncé, Queen B has enjoyed a lot of success since leaving the band with her solo career and still continues to today. She has sold over 100 million solo records, won 22 Grammys and 24 MTV music awards. She has also dipped into the film business, starring in Goldmember and Dreamgirls.

Kelly Rowland has experienced some success as a solo artist, selling 27 million records worldwide. She still makes music is mainly seen as a judge on various singing competition shows such as X Factor and The Voice.

Michelle is probably the most elusive member of the former girl group. She has had some success in music but little compared to her bandmates. She has also appeared on the stage since the split in productions such as Aida and Chicago.

We have little doubt that these three will sing together in some capacity in the future, as seen at the 2013 Super Bowl half-time show, but a true reform seems to be completely off the table due to the huge success of Beyoncé as a solo artist.

Odds of a reform: 9/1



We sadly said ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’ to N’Sync in 2002 when they went on a temporary hiatus that they never came out of, and in 2007 Lance Bass confirmed that the band had definitely broken up. We have seen a lot of pop band reforms over the years, Steps, Busted, S Club 7 and even Take That but what is the chance we will be hearing them ‘Bringin’ da noise’ once more?

Since their split each member has made a career for themselves outside of the band and some outside of music altogether.

Joshua Scott Chasez, one of the vocalists dabbled in a solo career but without success, now he is mainly working as a writer and producers for acts like Basement Jaxx and McFly. Lance Bass, can mainly be seen on TV and heard on the radio. Joey Fatone is a presenter, from the red carpet to reality shows. Chris Kirkpatrick as remained largely out of the limelight but is still friends with all his former band mates.

The greatest success story from N’Sync is Justin Timberlake’s. From a booming solo music career to rolls in several blockbusters, including recent animated hit Trolls. He also has a high-profile marriage to Jessica Biel, who is a Hollywood actress.

Although all members reunited for Chasez’s 40th Birthday in August 2016, due to all of their other commitments and successes we don’t see a full scale, Take That-esque reunion on the cards. However, a reunion show or song isn’t completely out of the question.

Odds of a reform: 10/3

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