Gimme Your Answers: A Video Interview w/ “The Beast King” Franky TM

Franky TM

This is by far the most terrifying interview I’ve ever hosted. Many of you know that I don’t break easily or feel unnerved often in my videos, however when I spoke with professional wrestler “The Beast King” Franky TM, I was absolutely rattled.

Aside from being fairly freaked out by Franky himself — he’s a super intimidating man who seriously crushes his opponents — I also had to keep an eye out for the real life snake Franky brought with him to the interview (yes, you read that right — a SNAKE).

Go watch to see for yourself as I speak with FTM at Smash Wrestling in Toronto ahead of his massive title match against Tyson Dux, where he comes out victorious and becomes the new Smash Wrestling Champion. We discuss his reptilian friend, bizarre fears, loving pop music, and why he’s miserable.

Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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