Iconic Dionne Warwick

There aren’t many people who can lay claim to having been in the music industry for five decades – nor are there many people with five Grammy awards or over 60 singles in the charts. Dionne Warwick has achieved all of those things in her 77 years on this planet.

Some of her most iconic hits include Walk On By, Anyone Who Had a Heart and Say a Little Prayer, some of the 20th century’s biggest hits.Dionne Warwick

She was first discovered in the 1960s by Burt Bacharach and had her first hit single just a year later. In total, she has had more hit songs in the music charts than any other female vocalist apart from Aretha Franklin.

That’s not the only link she has to musical royalty, however – a little known fact is that the talented Warwick was in fact a cousin of the late, great Whitney Houston. Twice married – to the same man – she has two sons named David and Damon, both of whom followed their mother into the music industry.

Warwick has often used her talent to benefit others, notably when she released That’s What Friends are For with Elton John, Stevie Wonder and Gladys Knight. The song was in aid of AIDs charities, and raised more than $3 million when it was released in 1985.Dionne Warwick

She has been a UN ambassador for health and raised many millions of dollars for children’s hospitals, hunger and disaster relief and music education, amongst other causes.

A real icon with a heart of gold, she has rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest musical names of the last century. Her enduring talent makes her a fantastic choice of musical guest at any event. Her music booking agent is London based MN2S – get in touch to find out more.

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