Facts You Didn’t Know About Oscar and the Wolf

Originally from Belgian, Oscar and the Wolf rose to fame in 2014 after the release of their first album entitled ‘Entity.’ Actually, ‘Entity’ was a platinum record. The band brought a new sound of electro-pop that not only mesmerized the Belgian public, particularly the youth but also captivated people in neighboring countries, earning Oscar and the Wolf band international acclaim.

One of their most successful songs from the album ‘Princes’ is still considered by many to be their most popular hit song. Other notable songs include ‘Joaquim’ and ‘Strange Entity.’ In 2017, the band released their second album ‘Infinity’ which earned them Gold record certification.

5 Facts About Oscar and the Wolf Band

So, you think you know everything about this music band? Think again! Here are some interesting facts you didn’t know about Oscar and the Wolf.

1. One-man Band

Despite the name of the group, Oscar and the Wolf is the nickname of the sole musician and sole write Max Colombie. Colombie was born on 22 February 1991 in the Belgian town of Jette. His first song ‘Orange Sky’ was released in 2012 and set the path for future success.

Max Colombie said that he owes his success to his mother because of the choices she made. Originally from Turkey, Colombie’s mother moved to Belgium which Max sees as an important factor in the band’s career.

The band was created 2010 when Max was studying music. Apart from electro-pop, the band also includes genres like indie rock, dream pop, and baroque pop. Further, with the release of the first album, the electro-pop band rose to instant fame not only in Europe but in the United States also. Max Colombie signed a record deal with Neon Gold Record, a music label company that has produced songs for other musicians such as Marina and the Diamonds.

Oscar and the Wolf

2. Music Albums and Collaborations

The “Entity” was the band’s first album with a platinum record. Why was it so successful when it was released? The answer lies in the fact that it was a completely new sound, very refreshing for many listeners. Also, two songs on this album, ‘Princes’ and ‘Strange Entity’ went platinum in Belgium.

Oscar and the Wolf

One of their songs, ‘Back to Black’ Music from Motion Picture, features another Belgian singer Tsar B. Back to Black is the band’s cover of Amy Winehouse’s song and is featured in a film, ‘Black,’ by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah.

Oscar and the Wolf have also collaborated with other musicians such as Raving George. The two worked together on the song ‘You’re Mine’ which was released in 2015.

Following great success with Entity, the band released their second album Infinity in 2017. Infinity features the following songs:

  • So Real,
  • Runaway,
  • Honey,
  • Last Night,
  • Chevrolet,
  • Fever,

Most of the songs in this album were written and produced by Max in Belgium. Both Entity and Infinity were so successful that they peaked number 1 on the Belgian charts. Infinity reached number 8 on the official charts in the Netherlands. If you need to discover more on this topic for professional essays, research papers, or mid-term assignments, you can check out custom dissertation writing from CustomWriting.com.

3. International Fans Including Another Famous Musician

With fans from all over the world, Oscar and the Wolf have been able to tour many countries in the world including Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the United States. One thing you might not know is that their biggest fanbase is in Turkey.

In an interview with the Rav Mag, the lead singer of the band stated that he was really shocked by how many fans the band has in Turkey. Their music is so popular in Turkey that tickets for their Turkish tour were sold out within a few weeks. The hit song ‘Joaquim’ was more popular among Turkish fans.

As if international fame is not enough, Oscar and the Wolf has an A-list fan. Guess who? Elton John! Additionally, Elton John is one of the highest-paid musicians in the world. The five-time Grammy Awards winner gave a shout out to the band in 2017, naming the band one of the biggest acts in Belgium.

4. Paris Fashion Week

You are probably thinking “what does Oscar, and the Wolf have to do with Paris Fashion week?”. While the band did not make catwalk at one of the most popular fashion events in the world, they did, however, produce a soundtrack for the 2015 spring/summer collection for Dries Van Noten, a renowned designer for his Paris Fashion Week show. Max Colombie has also been praised for his sense of fashion both on and off stage.

Oscar and the Wolf

5. Headlining performances

Oscar and the Wolf have been delivering great performances not only on tour but also on music festivals. The band performed at the 2016 Pukkelpop Music festival along great musicians such as Rihanna and LCD Soundsystem. Other occasions where the band produced some of their greatest performances include:

  • EDM festival Tomorrowland,
  • Reeperbahn festival in Hamburg,
  • XOYO in London,
  • Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam,
  • Paradiso in Amsterdam,
  • Ancienne Belgique, in Brussels, Belgium,
  • Sportpaleis in Antwerp, Belgium.

Their performances were so good that both Ancienne Belgique and Paradiso were sold in just 4 minutes. This just goes to show how much fans adore Oscar and the Wolf.

Summing Up

Oscar and the Wolf remains one of the greatest bands in not only Belgium but also Europe. With Colombie’s mesmerizing voice and dance moves during performances, it is no surprise why the band is making waves across the world and selling out stadiums. Fans are always on edge and looking forward to performances by this electro-pop band.

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