The Ultimate Fan Girl: Grieving for a Celebrity Death

Have you ever experienced grieving for your favorite celebrity death? If yes, then do you think it is reasonable enough to grieve because you’re an ultimate fan? Well, you should know that there is nothing wrong about mourning for a death of a celebrity and learn more about this issue as you read throughout this post!

The death of a beloved Hollywood star can be a real blow many do not expect. You may ask why we mourn celebrity deaths and why it feels so personal.

David Bowie. Prince. Michelle Tompkins. Whitney Houston. Robin Williams. These are just some of the celebrities whose death surprised many people across the world. Whether you learned their tragic passing thru an SMS notification, a tweet, a Facebook post, or others, their sudden death may likely hit you harder than you imagined.

Grieving a Dead Celebrity Is Like Losing a Family Member!

Imagine yourself in a situation where you learn the sudden death of your favorite celebrity. What would be your reaction?

The shock will be written all over your face. You have recently seen the person you admire most in the television or magazine then all of a sudden, you’re bombarded with sad news. Losing a favorite celeb is like losing a member of your family, according to some.

Most fans were reported waking incredibly sad and puffy and began crying almost immediately after they found out. Whitney Houston, for instance, influenced people of all ages – from kids to adults – and all sexes. Most of them never met Whitney but considered her as their best friend. Some even continuously watched her videos to feel as if she is still alive and singing for them.

These and other dead celebrities have been a part of our lives. We feel we know them, they are in our living rooms, we see them on television, and we integrate them as though they are part of our families. According to professionals, it is perfectly reasonable to grief on the passing of a celebrity we admire and love.

But, there are some whose reactions to the death of a celebrity are very extreme and obsession that it plainly makes them sick. In fact, a particular fan of Michael Jackson stopped eating and started vomiting after Michael Jackson death. The said fan was very lonely and had filled the emptiness in her life.

Whereas, other fans suffer from a personality disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, and other underlying conditions after learning of the death of their beloved celebrity. This type of fans is generally more fragile because they might decide to end their life too.

Why There Is Nothing Wrong with Grieving a Celebrity Death?

Why we grieve an artist we have never met? Why your grief over a celeb’s death feels so real or personal? Here are the answers to your ‘whys.’

  • We feel connected to our fave celebs. These connections are not only about the amount of appreciation, respect, and love for these individuals but sometimes because they remind us of us. This could be having in common or others.
  • Though we don’t personally know the celebrities, we know them. As have mentioned earlier, our fave celebrities have frequently been a regular part of our lives – in the movies and shows – writing and producing art we love or producing that music that expresses some moments in our lives. Often, we have seen how they change and grow in front of the camera, and in some situations, felt a connection to those changes.
  • They are connected to family or friends who have died. This one is quite common. We heard many stories telling that although they personally had not been fans of a certain celebrity, their friend, father, mother, child, spouse, or another relative who died was a fan. It’s as if we also lose someone important to us whenever we lose something else connected to our loved ones.
  • The celebrity serves are our happy pill or comfort zone. I’ve heard many stories about how celebrities helped people get through depression or painful time, and how they helped persons get through the initial days of their own grief. So when a star, who brought you comfort or happiness during your difficult times, dies, it can be particularly agonizing and bring up sent out past losses.
  • We connect with the way celebrities died. Be that accident, overdose, suicide, cancer, or other types of death, and this can really hit your nerve. It can be because you similarly lost someone important or you have struggled with the similar thing.
  • They will not create or do anything ever. While all the works of a dead musician, artist, or actor are still there, they will never be able to create or do anything that could make our dull day happy, our struggling life thrilling, etc. We will never read a new poem or song, go to another exciting live performance, see a new movie, or hear a new song. We can only feel thankful for their existing works and grieve the loss of their possible future works at the same time.

One of the main problems with grief over celebrity deaths is that you will not get some social support. People will instead laugh at you for being emotional on the death of a person you did not even know. This is unhealthy and should be avoided, though.

If you know a friend or someone who grieves about the loss of his or her favorite celebrity, give the support he or she needs. Offering your shoulder or sending him or her message will be a great help.

Just remember, there is no wrong way to grieve for the loss of a favorite celebrity, though it is recommended to seek help when it becomes too much.

Tell us your experience about grieving for your favorite actor or actress. Leave your comments below and feel free to share this post as well. Happy reading everyone!

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