Ways Music Makes Our Lives Better

Whether you enjoy classical music or punk rock, or anything (and everything) in between, music is a great addition to everyone’s lives. It’s not just about finding something enjoyable though; there are some proven benefits of listening to music, and studies have shown that it truly does make our lives better. Here are just some of the ways that music, in whatever form it comes, can improve the way we live.

Stress Reduction

Stress is a terrible thing for the most part. Suffered for long enough as a chronic condition, stress can cause both physical and mental issues and can make us extremely ill. However, listening to music has been shown to calm us down and reduce feelings of stress.

In fact, most people will instinctively switch on something from their music library when they are feeling stressed or worried about something. You can listen to anything you want to, and it will reduce your heart rate and give you time to think things through, thus reducing the feelings of stress that are associated with a problem that seems impossible to solve.

Better Endurance

If you like to work out, listening to music while you do so can help your endurance levels. If you don’t like to work out but you know you have to do it anyway, listening to music can help you to get motivated and make a start (and it can help you to keep going). Whichever category you fall into, listening to music can help when it comes to ensuring you can do as much exercise as you need to, and perhaps more. One study even showed that compared to those who didn’t listen to music, people who did listen to it when working out increased their endurance by as much as 15 percent.

It is unlikely to make a difference as to what genre of music you are listening to when you exercise; what really helps is the tempo of it. If you can find some tunes that are between 125 and 140 bpm (beats per minute), this is the ideal speed for most people when they are working out. You can move in time to the music, and it will be easier to keep up with the exercises you’re meant to be doing.

Singing Helps

Listening to music is a wonderful gift that those of us who are able to should always try to make the most of, but that’s not the only way to enjoy music. Singing is also important, and a great way to make you feel better. Singing is an even more positive experience when you do so in a group, such as in a choir, or perhaps singing along to your favorite group at a concert. You don’t even have to be a good singer to experience the joy that singing can bring; the sound itself is far less important than the experience.

Singing in a group increases bonding, and that makes us happy and even healthier. Singing also releases dopamine into our bodies. This hormone makes us feel calm and relaxed, so a good sing along can really put our minds at ease and make everything feel a lot better.

More Successful

Music is such an exciting and pleasant phenomenon that there always seem to be studies ongoing into it. One such study was about people who learn instruments when young. There seems to be a sure correlation between those who played instruments as a child and success levels when older. It is especially true if the child was one who practiced regularly and who took their music lessons seriously, but even if that wasn’t the case, success levels are still reportedly higher than those who never learned an instrument at all.

It’s never too late to learn, which is another reason why music is so interesting. Although kids who start early clearly have the best chance of being super talented when it comes to playing whichever instrument they have chosen, even adults can take up learning to play and become excellent at it. That ability to learn an instrument transcends into everyday life as well and will make you smarter in all kinds of ways as you are training your brain to learn and remember more.

Better Memory

Music is wonderful for many reasons, and one of those reasons is that it improves your memory. It helps your brain to develop in many different areas, but one of the most significant is the memory. Classical music seems to have the most positive effect, and although studies have not yet worked out exactly why this is the case, if you are studying for an exam, for example, having classical music on in the background may help you significantly. You don’t necessarily have to like the music either; it is a subconscious thing that boosts your memory, and that’s what counts.

Pain Reduction

Although music should never be used in the place of medical professionals, it can help if you have a small injury or a short-term pain such as a headache. Listening to music can reduce the pain and make you feel better if you are feeling sick. Even after surgery, listening to music can help to lessen the amount of painkilling drugs you may need to take. It is likely to be due to the brain’s ability to block pain out when doing something pleasurable, and listening to music that you enjoy is one of the most pleasurable things of all.

Better Listening Skills

The ability to listen is an extremely useful life skill. It can help you both in your personal life and at work and is something that some people find hard to do. Listening to music regularly can improve our ability to listen, and that can help us immensely. Listening isn’t just about hearing the sounds that are being played; it’s about understanding the words as well. With music, the sounds all combine together, making us concentrate more on the meaning behind them. It translates to real life and ensures that we are able to understand what is asked of us instinctively.

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