The Top 5 Awesome Music Themed Slot Games

How do you know when you’re one of the biggest recording artists in the world? Well, there’s actually a few key indicators. You probably have a history of playing the world’s largest stages and festivals. Your greatest hits will have sold well into the millions, and stayed on radio rotation for decades after their first release. People who’ve never heard your music know your name, and your t-shirts might even be worn by young people who’ve never heard of you just because they look cool. In extreme cases, your estate might still be bringing in millions from your back catalog long after you’re dead.

There’s another string that the really major players can add to their bow, though; you can now be immortalized by having your likeness and your music used to make online slot machines. Online casinos are huge business, and the sites that host them are always finding new ways to make the games more appealing to their players. In recent years, that’s seen them really increase and diversify the theme of their offerings. You can find an online slot machine to suit almost any taste or interest. Even people with an interest in ancient history can combine their passion with their love of gambling. But for you, reading this website, you’re more likely to be interested in things with a musical twist. So let’s check out the Top 5 awesome music themed slot games!

1. The Dolly Parton Slot

Anyone who’s paid any attention to Dolly Parton’s career shouldn’t be surprised that she has yet another successful commercial tie in. We’re talking about the only woman in music history to have a full sized theme park themed and named after her. Dolly Parton is a one woman multi million dollar industry. When the Financial Times are offering their opinion on her musical offerings, you know it’s probably because their readers have shares and investments tied up in her.

The Dolly Parton slot is exactly what you’d expect it to be – garish, pink, and proud of it. All of her best known songs play in the background as you look to find winning lines and features to boost your bank balance. There’s even a special bonus called “Dolly’s Wheel of Wealth” which boosts your odds; although whatever you take out of this machine, it’ll probably be a fraction of what she made in interest during the time you were playing.

Dolly Parton

2. Megadeth Online Slot

A pumping metal soundtrack, a tongue in cheek visual approach, questionable morality – everything you’ve come to suspect from Megadeth is represented in the online slot that bears their name.

The trash metal innovators are represented on the market with a 5 reel slot game featuring forty separate pay lines. All of the gang are here, with legendary frontman Dave Mustaine’s face looming large along with the rest of the band, and some signed instruments and plectrums. Where things get really interesting and quirky is a bonus round called ‘Headcrusher’. Not only does the music kick it up a touch – which is amazing, given how loud it is when it starts – you’re rewarded or penalized based on which ‘prisoners’ you’re able to locate. Grab a male prisoner, and your bonus value decreases. Bag a female prisoner, and your earnings are up. We’ll let you decide how acceptable that is in 2018, but we’re sure they meant no harm.

3. Jimi Hendrix Slot Game

Jimi Hendrix might not be the most obvious choice you could think of when making gambling games. He’s been dead for a long, long time, and therefore couldn’t possibly have been consulted about making this kind of commercial appearance. Hendrix, who Rolling Stone named as the best guitarist ever, probably wouldn’t have been disappointed with this game though.

Every piece of animation on the screen is hand drawn, which gives it an airy, artisan feel. There’s a definite 60s flower power vibe going on with the design, and what could be better than having a Hendrix play list accompanying you while you’re trying to focus in on getting the maximum return from your game? Adjustable bet values on this game mean you can tailor it to suit the cautious gambler and the high roller. That means if you just want to spend a few cents and listen so some legendary songs, the options’ right there for you. Think of it like a Spotify you might win something from!

Jimmy Hendrix

4. Guns n Roses Slot

Welcome to the jungle, we got….casino games. This game was released as one of a number of tie ins to the band’s 30th anniversary, and it’s packed full of features that help it live up to the legendary band connected to it. It’s a 5 reel, 20 payline game that may actually be more about the music than the gambling.

Unlike many of the titles on this list, the Guns n Roses slot game actually puts you in charge of the play list. Rather than playing along, waiting and hoping for your favorite song to turn up, you can line every great GnR song up in any order you like, and then have them go live as you start to play. The album and track titles associated with the band make for great feature names, too. Who wouldn’t want to play an ‘Appetite for Destruction Wild’?

5. Elvis Top 20

It was never going to be anybody else, was it? The King is here, live and in color, with his very own smash hit online slot feature. The enduring legacy of Elvis Presley is as big a deal today as it was fifty years ago, and the argument of who’s bigger between him and Michael Jackson will probably still be fiercely contested twenty years from now. The man who popularized rock and roll in America still sells more records every year than many much younger artists. Every now and then, an Elvis remix is still capable of topping the charts.The game itself fits around a theme – other than Elvis himself, who’ll be there to dance, croon and sing to you as you play along. The ‘Top 20’ in the title refers to both the number of winning lines, and the number of Elvis songs available to listen to. All the iconography is present and correct; the pink cabriolet, the gold records, the giant Vegas backdrop; all you need to do is turn up and bask in its glory. The King isn’t dead. He’s here trying to help you win money!

Whilst other musical titles exist – and more will surely join them as time goes on – these are the current best five for our money. As for your money – spend it wherever you please!

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