What You Need to Know to Hire a Wedding Music Band for Your Big Day

Hiring a wedding music band can be a challenging thing – but it doesn’t have to be. Find out what it takes to hire the wedding band of your dreams.

You’ve got the dress, the rings, and the perfect venue for your wedding in mind. You’ve even been dreaming of the perfect song for your first dance for a few years now.

The only thing that you’re still missing? Hiring the perfect wedding music band for your ceremony and reception.

When you’re ready to have a reception that no one will ever forget, hiring the right live band for wedding ceremonies and after parties is absolutely essential.


You want to be sure to choose a band that fits with who you are as a couple.

If you’re into pro wrestling, for example, you could create a setlist that mimic’s your favorite fighter’s ring music.

So, what are the most important things to consider? Keep on reading this post to find out!

Check Out Their Web Presence

Of course, when you’re looking for bands for weddings, you can’t exactly crash someone else’s ceremony to hear what they sound like live!

However, what you can rely on is their web presence. Any band that’s worth their salt — and knows anything at all about self-promotion — should have a wide variety of video clips that you can listen to. They may even be able to provide you with a CD or links to listen to their music online.

This way, you’ll be able to tell if they’re familiar with the genre of music you like, and if they know your favorite songs (more on that in a moment.)

Also, look for wedding reception bands that have a strong overall stage presence. Remember that it’s up to them to liven up the crowd, and to get people out of their chairs and onto the dance floor.

This doesn’t mean that they all have to be like this guy, wear outrageous costumes, or know incredible party tricks. It just means that the band needs to be able to quickly create an atmosphere of celebration and excitement.

Another important part of the website of a wedding band for hire to take a close look at is their past customer reviews. Trust us when we tell you that a dissatisfied bride will be the first to leave a detailed review if the experience was especially negative. While a band can’t always please every bridezilla, a plethora of negative reviews should certainly cause you to think twice about working with them.

Provide Them with a Small Setlist

When you’re in the market for the perfect wedding music band, we know that you want to hear all of your favorite songs at your reception.

Of course, few songs are quite as important as that beautiful first dance!

You’ll need to make sure that the band knows what song you’d like to have played for your first dance well in advance (think an absolute minimum of one month.) You should also feel free to provide them with a small setlist, or at least a few requests of some favorite songs.

They’ll likely also be able to recommend some wedding staples and crowd pleasers. Aim for a mix of the classic wedding songs and pop hits to keep things fun.

Don’t forget to include a few hits by the band you and your partner love the best, whether it’s shock rock or emo music.

If your wedding customs involve a special dance or tradition (like the Horah or a money dance) make sure that you also let your wedding band know. They’ll certainly want to accommodate your wishes, but also be prepared to explain how the dance works.

You could even speak to the band about sneaking in a special surprise for your new partner. If you have a performance that you’d like to give, talk to the band about the best time to make it happen — and ask them to back you up!

Create a Schedule for the Big Day

Last but not least, you should also start to create a loose schedule for your wedding band musicians.

While of course, it’s important to leave room for error and the beauty of a few spontaneous moments, you also want to respect your band’s time (and your budget.)

Figure out how far in advance your band will need to arrive at your reception venue to set up and warm up. This is where coordinating with your wedding planner and the venue’s staff will come in handy.

Then, think about when you want the band to start playing. Would you like to have a little music with dinner? Or would you like to clear the floor of tables completely so that everyone can dance?

Speak to the band and ask them how long their average set time lasts, and the number and lengths of the breaks they’ll need. Coordinate their sets with other popular wedding reception activities, like cutting your wedding cake.

Don’t forget to ask about encores, too!

Discover more about how to create the perfect schedule (and even take a look at a few samples) by doing some online research.

When in doubt, you can always ask your married friends. We know that they’ll relish any sort of a chance to relive and reflect on their own ceremonies.

You’re Ready to Hire the Perfect Wedding Music Band

From making sure that the wedding music band knows your favorite songs to thinking about what your reception music schedule should look like, we hope this post has helped you to get the wheels turning when it comes to your wedding music.

Whether you’re into traditional music for your wedding, or if you want to go with something that’s a bit more off the walls, the perfect band for you is out there.

Now, armed with these tips, you can find it.

Looking for more information on the music world? Want to see what your favorite bands are up to? We’ve got you covered. Bookmark our blog and check out our interviews with your favorite rockstars.

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