Important Tips for Traveling with Your Portable Sewing Machine

If you happen to travel either by air or by road with your portable sewing machine, here are a few tips for you.

Well, you will not always be traveling with your portable machine, but chances are that you will want to travel with it on vacation or bring it home once you buy it. Here, you must have some advanced planning.

Remember, sewing machines too can get damaged as you carry them from one place to another that’s why we have decided to share these helpful tips to help you travel safely with your portable sewing machine.

Method of Transportation

No matter what mode of transport you will want to use, you will have to prepare your sewing machine so that it does not get damaged. Some people will want to travel by road and some will want to take their sewing machine with them when on an airplane. Either method is just perfect but traveling by car is easy and simple as you will just put the sewing machine at the back seat where it will not feel the bumps on the road.

When it comes to traveling on an airplane, you will have to ask the airline you are traveling with if your portable sewing machine can be carried as carry-on baggage or it must be passed through checks. Most of the portable machines can be carried like carry-on baggage since they are small and can fit with the dimension limits, but you must ensure to pack it securely in its box.

How to Pack Your Portable Sewing Machine Securely for Safe Transport

You want to prepare your portable sewing machine and pack it well so that you travel safely with it. These tips will help you.

  • Prepare the Machine by putting your presser foot down and ensure to place a piece of cloth in between the foot and feed dogs. This will keep it safe from scratches which could be caused by foot movement. Ensure to fold all your spools and bobbins separately. Also, ensure to pack the needle so that it does not break.
  • If you still have to box you bought the machine with, pack your portable sewing machine inside the box. Insert some foam, fabric, or padding around the machine to prevent it from breaking in case it falls over on its sides. This will also prevent bouncing and friction. Place the sewing machine at the back seat or set it on the floor behind the front seat.

You could also pack the sewing machine inside a plastic bag to prevent it from coming into contact with water in case it rains or in case there some leakages. You just need to do all your best to ensure the machine does not bang around or shift from one side to another inside the box.

  • If you wish to travel on an airplane, then you will need to pack your portable sewing machine as carry-on baggage. This is because a portable sewing machine is small in size.
  • Put your sewing machine back to its original foam and box. However, you must ensure the box meets the required the dimensions for carry-on baggage. But you could also wrap your portable sewing machine in a sheet with tape.

Equally, ensure to place padding, fabric or pillows on it sides of the machine and secure tape the box to close it. This is to prevent the machine from falling on either side.

The most important thing you should never forget when traveling with your portable sewing machine is the padding since it helps to prevent the machine from vibration or bouncing. Since the original box you bought the machine with is padded, it would be the best to pack your machine securely as airline carry-on baggage. Remember to carry with you the power cord, spare needles, thread, and all the sewing essentials.

How to Choose a Portable Sewing Machine

During the summer, most people prefer to spend time outdoors, traveling and visiting family members. During this time, you may not want to leave your sewing machine behind. Remember, sewing can be done anywhere at any time, so carrying your portable sewing machine could be the best thing you can do.

Portable sewing machines are usually lightweight and can handle basic sewing projects quite efficiently with less or no vibration. Oftentimes, portable sewing machines are mostly used by people with little knowledge of sewing and leaners who will want to carry the machine during their sewing classes.

These machines also occupy a small space and can be placed in a corner. They are designed with very easy to understand and use features and are ideal for new users.

So how do you choose a portable sewing machine?

First things first: Start by shopping around online first. This way you will get a good idea of the types of portable sewing machines and their cost as well. Remember, if you decide to buy from your local shop, the salesperson will encourage you to buy the most costly one not because it is the best for you, but because they want to earn the commission from your purchase.

Will the budget allow you to buy a portable sewing machine or you will have to make some adjustments so that your budget matches the price of the machine? This is an important question you need to answer as it will affect your buying decision in end.

When it comes to portability, the size and weight of the sewing machine play an important part. You must ensure the machine you buy will fit the size of your room or the corner of your office.

Well, there are so many portable sewing machines out there and so you need to choose one that is designed with excellent features and a powerful motor.

The efficiency of the portable sewing machine you want to buy should also an important factor to consider. Find out whether the machine is capable of handling and completing the sewing project at hand. In this case, the machine should be capable of dealing with tougher fabrics excellently and it should be much fast.

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