Everything You’ll Need to Start a Career in Pop Singing

Most great singers express their talent before they’re even fully conscious that they can go on to make a career out of their gift. You’ll already be singing your heart out be five years old and, by fifteen, you’ll likely have moved friends and family to tears. But what does it take to transform this most beautiful of talents into a money-maker as a pop singer? It will take more than a dash of luck, but there are certainly some things you can do in preparation to attempt to become a rising star in the pop music industry.

Test Yourself

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely you’re considered an excellent vocalist. Otherwise, you would never even dream of making it big in the pop singing world. Yet still, you may not have really tested the full range and scope of your voice. You should, for instance:

  • Be taking singing lessons, including taking grades
  • Be trying new songs all the time that test your range and skills
  • Know your vocal warm-ups and take care of your voice
  • Learn music theory in order to understand sheet music
  • Try your hand at jazz vocals for a more testing and improvised sound
  • Perform in front of an audience regularly
  • Be the singer in a band, and write your own music

If you can say you do some or all of the above, you’re doing well. You’re investing in your talent, which will only make it grow to fulfill its potential. This is the attitude you’ll have to maintain if you want to eventually get noticed as a true talent in the vocalist world.

Enter Competitions

There are plenty of talent and singing competitions organized in cities, across states and, in the grandest and exciting of cases, nationally – all of which you should consider entering if you feel your voice is something worth displaying. Winning over judges will both boost your confidence and place you in a better, more visible position to grow as a singer in the eyes of the public.

Many of the world’s famous singers began their careers by getting noticed at such competitions and, now that there are national signing competitions like The Voice, you’ll not even need to worry about getting picked up by a label given the right kind of exposure and praise. Let your voice do the talking and see where it takes you.

Buy Recording Equipment

Heading to a recording studio can be expensive and is of course not something you’ll have at your disposal around the clock, whenever you’re hit by a creative wave you’d like to record and refine over the course of several weeks. If you’re a singer-songwriter kind of vocalist, then there is no doubt that you’ll do your career a service by investing in the appropriate equipment.

First and foremost on your shopping list, should be a microphone that does your voice justice. You can find top-quality microphones for singing here, all of which are reviewed so that you’ll know which will suit your needs.

Whether you’re recording onto a music production program or straight onto audio or video sharing sites, you’ll be best-placed to impress if you invest in your recording gear. You might also consider:

  • An amp to boost the quality and volume of your voice as it enters speakers, headphones or your laptop
  • A computer and software on which you can run your vocals through various effects and sound manipulating templates to build your songs
  • A loop pedal in order to record and sing over backing vocals, or to create harmonies
  • An instrument to sing while playing, if you have the time to learn the guitar or piano

Investing in the equipment will show your voice in all its wonderful quality – so if you’re serious about a singing career, it’s vital you make that investment.

Get Out There

Justin Bieber, surely one of the most famous singers on the planet, famously started his career on YouTube. The quality of his vocals posted there was enough to intrigue and inspire a recording label, which quickly signed him to produce the global superstar that we know today.

As you’re starting from similarly humble beginnings, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain from making yourself known to the online community. Just as sports coaches watch amateur football to spot the talent to sign to professional teams, singing talent scouts scour the internet in order to find remarkable talent in the world of singing.

Your best bet is to start both a SoundCloud and a YouTube account on which you’ll be able to upload your greatest recordings. Make sure that you edit them well and sing them to the best of your ability so that you’re showing off a portfolio that, if stumbled upon by a professional in the business, is likely to get you noticed and singled out.

Market Yourself

Success sometimes requires a level of self-promotion that many artists and singers are uncomfortable with. You’ll have to sell not just your voice, but your personality and charisma too. You only have to look at the current crop of pop stars to understand that it’s not necessarily your voice alone that will want you the success you dream of. There’s plenty of ways to market yourself, including:

  • Starting a website promoting your singing, with details about yourself, photos and media to access regarding your singing
  • Maintaining social media accounts for your singing – especially Facebook pages and Instagram accounts
  • Boosting the visibility of your content by paying for advertising across the internet
  • Agreeing to minor gigs that might build up to something more substantial as you continue to work
  • Agreeing with an agent for them to manage your gigs and exposure as you begin to make money out of your talent in singing.

It’s not the most pleasant part of the industry, but it is necessary – work on self-promotion in order to get noticed with greater ease.

Collaborate With Others

The final tip in this guide to singing success is to collaborate with other musicians. Whether this is in a band or as a featured vocalist, you should always be looking for ways in which to pool your own talent and creativity with that of others around you. Sometimes you’ll be the one doing the approaching – other times you’ll be approached yourself. Very rarely will these not turn out to be worthwhile endeavors.

As for yourself, if you’re writing your own lyrics and music, try and find yourself some musicians who’re not in a bad to support you in your gigs. If they like your style and admire you as an artist, you may be able to take them all along with you as the backing band to a successful pop singer – which is mutually beneficial to all.

You should also scour web postings and music hall advertisements that are looking for a vocalist to join a group or a band. This kind of collaborative work might in some way be against your artistic philosophy – after all, it’s a lonely world as a singer – but you should always be willing to engage with the talent around you to benefit all of your futures.

The Luck Element

While all of the tips above will certainly help you toward success, there is always going to be an element of luck to succeeding as a singer. Ride luck when it comes your way, and don’t be downhearted when you experience a spell of bad luck. Keep plugging away, devoting your time to bettering yourself as a musician, and eventually you’ll come across the big break that you and your voice deserve.

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