Messi vs. Ronaldo – The Battle of the Followers

Sports players are not only athletes. Today, an outstanding athlete is often considered a real celebrity, like any movie star or a pop singer. Their success doesn’t solely depend on the way they perform in games anymore, but also on how they present themselves on social media.

One sports rivalry between two soccer players, in particular, has made millions of fans worldwide argue as to which one of them is better. We are talking, of course, about a rivalry between soccer superstars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Even if you’re not a soccer fan, you should have heard who these two are, as most of the world knows about them. Both sides have good arguments to hang on to, and if you want to read about their career highlights, we suggest you check out the infographic from Betting Sites that goes in-depth in comparing their stats and achievements.

Apart from constantly topping one another on the soccer pitch, Messi and Ronaldo are fighting for fandom on social media as well. So which one of these talented superstars has got more followers?

When it comes to Twitter, Ronaldo (@Cristiano) has 76.8 million followers. Messi has significantly less, but that’s only because his Twitter account is run by his sponsor Adidas and not by himself personally.

On Instagram, Cristiano gathers around 156 million fans, 45 million more than his Argentinian rival. Ronaldo’s official Facebook page was liked over 122 million times, while Messi only has 90 million likes.

So when it comes to raw numbers, it seems that Ronaldo beats Messi on every major social media platform. However, that doesn’t mean he is a better player, nor that he is more liked among the fans.

While around 90% of the people from around the world will tell you that they know who Messi and Ronaldo are, not everybody likes them.

A survey came up with a stat that 78% of people aged 25 to 34 who recognize the two actually like Messi, while only 68% say the same for Cristiano Ronaldo. People aged 55 or more also like Messi more – 80% to 67%.

Another reason why Ronaldo has more social media followers may lay in the fact that a lot of women follow Ronaldo for his looks, rather than being the fans of his game.

The bottom line is that these two are both great players, and if you like watching soccer, then you are witnessing one of the greatest sports rivalries in history – both on and off the web.

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