NEW FEATURE! “Ask The Interview Queen”

“Ask The Interview Queen”, an interactive vlog where fans send me video questions and they’re shared on my channel with my replies.

I absolutely love interacting with my fans, so I decided to come up with a brand new segment for my channel, a segment where everyone can get involved and have some fun – Ask The Interview Queen!

In this new feature, fans film themselves saying whatever they want to me; ask me a question, say a comment, ANYTHING — just nothing stupid or out of line… you all know that already. I take those clips from you and collage them into one video featuring my replies sandwiched in between every fan clip. In the end, we’ll have a virtual back and forth where YOUR faces will be on my YouTube channel and I get to reply to all the fun.

SEND ME YOUR VIDEOS: All you have to do is film a thirty second or less video and send your video to: via Super easy. Be sure to include your name, where you’re from, and then talk away with your question or comment.

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