Design Analysis of the Top Casino Logos

The world of online casino is undoubtedly big business, many companies are vying for your attention and ultimately your money, so that you can try your luck on the countless amount of games on offer.

When you think of a visit to the Casino, the question that usually arises is what tactics would you deploy on the roulette wheel? Do you opt for a cautious approach and bide your time, or do you risk it and go all in?

Or perhaps you are more of a Blackjack kind of person, can you hold your nerve as the cards are dealt. Whatever you do make sure you aren’t caught counting them otherwise you’ll end up with none rather than twenty-one.

But now there has been something of a revolution and a virtual one at that. No longer does the thrill and excitement of the Casino mean a trip into town and having to find a new outfit to wear, now the high stakes drama can come to you.

Online Casino has transformed the way in which we’ve gambled over the past few years, not only that but it has made it so much more accessible. Before potential punters may have been put off by this kind of environment, now though the environment is their own home.

So as long as your have an internet connection, the glitz and glamour are now at your fingertips. All you need now is to sign up with one of the many online casinos or their sister sites that are available, deposit some money and you are away.

If you are to part with your hard-earned cash, then that Casino’s branding has got to be eye-catching enough to make sure you do not go off with one of their competitors instead. With that in mind, here are 10 of the best Online Casino logos.

Mr Green, a largely anonymous figure but we have to assume that the person in the logo is that of the company name. It’s a name that is largely inoffensive, everyone knows a Mr Green. He’s the man who lives next door but one and once let you borrow one of his power tools. A man you can trust and one you’d be happy to give some money to. The green colour represents trust, eco, safe and this logo is trying to portray that it is one to be trusted and relied upon.

There’s no concern here in trying to work out what this logo is trying to convey. Three big eights’ mean it can only be the people behind 888 Casino which are trying to get your attention. To be honest the green on black is almost etched on my retinas now. Still they are one of the key players in the market, so the giant numerical overlords that have come for us are obviously working to good effect.

‘We’re going to Las Vegas baby!’ Or at least that it what 777 will have you think. The hybrid slot/American signage seems to work well in the message that they are trying to convey. Not only that but staying in and playing the online slot games through 777 saves you the hassle of having to book an airplane ticket and your casino trip will be a whole lot cheaper.

Sky Vegas is an offshoot of the very successful Sky Bet. With that in mind they have opted to go with a very similar design in terms of logo. This makes perfect sense as there is already familiarity within the market. I guess here the old adage that springs to mind is that ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’.  The only thing it is missing is an appearance from Jeff Stelling.

Play Ojo comes across as fun and light hearted, I guess they’ve almost gone for some form of character in the way that the ‘Ojo’ is stylised. It reminds be slightly of Gonzo from the Muppets fame. Whether puppets are allowed to gamble online I’m not too sure, that said Play Ojo’s branding is strong enough to capture enough humans to play online. No worries on that front then.

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