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When IT updates soar, so are the certifications. Designed to address all the incessant updates, IT certifications are simply significant to both parties – businesses and professionals. Lately, more organizations are discovering the utmost advantage of Cloud in their endeavors, hence the upsurge of cloud certifications.

And when we talk about top cloud credentials, two highly-acknowledged providers are no doubt Microsoft and Google. So, let’s get into details and elaborate their top-rated cloud certs that have helped business owners and IT individuals beef up their personal and professional IT quests. Continue reading and this article will also give you some great tips on how to gain your cloud certification in no time.

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The ever-famous Microsoft

Even after decades, Microsoft seems to be unfazed by the competition surrounding the IT sector. Well, they seriously know how to go around the industry – and that includes full recognition of changes in the field. And just recently, Microsoft has stepped into the role-based certifications. This move isn’t really a shock since they’ve been updating their certifications regularly to ensure that Microsoft-certified professionals know more about Azure services and other related features and possess the up-to-date skills, necessary to complete their daily tasks in a shot span of time and successfully.

Cloud architecture is making rounds in the industry for the recent years because of its efficient way of system access through shared computing resources. This means that gone are the days where you have to use personal devices and local server to use and transfer data. With cloud and its remote servers, it’s easier for businesses to do their daily jobs.

The birth of Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

With the demand for skilled Cloud experts, Microsoft wants to ensure you’re on the right track and up-to-date with everything. Hence, the birth of Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert credential.

Did you know that this particular Microsoft certification is such an integral badge for a cloud professional’s career? Yup! It’s because it establishes your expertise in Azure. The certification itself speaks so much about your capacity as a professional. It measures your skills in infrastructure, infrastructure strategy, workloads, security, data, Azure storage, data platform solution, and correlated cloud features.

But before getting this certification, you have to pass through its corresponding certification exam/s.  The required tests for Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert are exams AZ-300 (Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies) and AZ-301 (Microsoft Azure Architect Design). Or, if you have acquired the retired exam 70-535 (Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions), then you can take one exam, which is AZ-302 or the Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Certification Transition.

Google and its global reputation

On the other side of IT industry, there’s Google. This internationally-recognized corporation is one of the most sought-after multinational companies in the world. Well, who wouldn’t, right? Google is a global trendsetter in the field of information technology with a wide range of products and services. And one product that defines Google’s global reputation is Google Search. This is the most used among all other search engines in the world.

But of course, Google is not just all about Internet-related services. They have branched to more significant departments. And that includes offering well-renowned certifications for professionals of different levels. Google now provides a certification path for cloud professional seekers who want to enhance their skills in Google Cloud technology through data solutions and application infrastructure.

The importance of Professional Cloud Architect   

And if you’re part of the pool of Cloud architect aspirants, then getting the Professional Cloud Architect is definitely a good choice. This Google credential is making waves because of its in-depth cloud architecture coverage and exposure to the Google Cloud platform. As a result, professionals uncover the importance of having this credential into their professional career.

Upon passing its certification exam, it would be easier for you to create, develop, and administer secure and scalable solutions to keep up with the business goals. Other skills you’ll gain once you complete this credential are managing cloud solution infrastructure, optimizing technical processes and business procedures, and ensuring operations consistency. The Professional Cloud Architect certification exam is a two-hour, multiple-choice test in English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Examsnap, the go-to website for Cloud professionals

Jumping into the realm of Cloud architecture is both an exciting and tiring quest. But fret not because there’s an all-in-one website that gives you significant study materials for all types of certification exams. And for those planning to take Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert or Professional Cloud Architect, simply visit Examsnap and you’ll be amazed by the remarkable selection of resources on offer. These include braindumps, training courses, and study guides.

For Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Examsnap offers a valuable Premium ETE file geared with real questions and answers. Using the ETE Software will give you a more realistic exam testing setting. On the other hand, for the Professional Cloud Architect certification, they provide a premium bundle that features braindumps as well as a training course with 63 lectures.

In a nutshell, Examsnap is undeniably one of the most trusted websites when it comes to certification exam resources.


As more companies embrace the concepts and functions of Cloud architecture, then there’d be more cloud certifications delivered to the market. However, you must know how to choose the credential that suits you most. Acquiring one from either Microsoft or Google is never a waste of time, effort, and money. So, if you want something that will support you in the long run, then both Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert and Professional Cloud Architect certifications are never a miss.

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