What do Digital Illustrators Do?

Plenty of new professions appeared for the last years. The technological progress is moving apace and requires new competencies and abilities. That’s why tons of job offers attacked the labor market and a digital illustrator is one of them. To see this trend firsthand, just enter uk.jobsora.com where you can find plenty of profitable offers. Now, let’s reveal what is a digital illustrator and the area of its application.

Who Needs Digital Illustrators?

Each company that deals with a design cooperate with the digital illustrators. This involves, for example, advertising agencies, design studios, fashion, book publishing, the firms and organizations from the entertainment industry.

Modern business features plenty of dedicated illustration companies that have a team of professionals that communicate with other companies or individuals that need to create promotional visual materials. The largest agencies cooperate of the artists from the whole world that do various tasks for them on commissions. The successful studios and agencies work for some for the most famous brands in the world.

What Are the Digital Illustrator’s Responsibilities?

Let’s start with the product they create:

  • Kids book pictures.
  • Advertising campaign images.
  • Mascot and character design in the diversity of techniques.
  • Custom illustrations.
  • Portraits and objects.
  • Artistic logos.
  • Graffiti artwork.
  • Decorations for performances and other entertaining and business events.
  • Mural compositions.
  • Animation design.
  • Print and editorial design.
  • Typography and lettering.

In general, the list of services related to illustration and visual creativity goes on from there. To create visual solutions for big and small brands, the array of digital illustrators’ responsibilities include the following tasks:

  • Everyday communication and discussions of designs and workflows with other members of the team.
  • Creating and demonstrating presentations – a draft copy of a project that displays the whole concept and the main points in order to discuss and amend them, if it will be necessary.
  • Understanding the client’s desires and needs and wrapping his ideas into a selling package.
  • Checking out printed illustrations to ensure their required quality and color standards.

The accurate list of duties depends on a certain company and a customer. The final goal is to produce attractive, top-quality, and finished illustrations. In the majority of cases, a digital illustrator should experience with corporate branding, digital media, and a diversity of digital marketing techniques to create illustrations that flow seamlessly with a brand and the finished product.

Skills that Are Required

If you have a desire and even make a decision to master this profession, be ready to develop several marketable skills. First, you should draw because no advanced tools and technologies will help you if you can’t draw. A real pro usually has an HND, Foundation degree or any other certification in art and related design disciplines – graphic design or fine art, for instance.

Fortunately, there are many courses today where you can get the relevant skills in technical, book or sequential illustration, as well as animation. Bear in mind that you will be able to earn a couple of dollars if studying diligently but to reach a real success, it’s crucial to feature a unique style. Besides, it’s necessary to have deep knowledge of both traditional methods and the latest digital techs.

Some personal features are also considered to obtain the desired job. The illustrator should be a teamer for productive negotiating with customers and co-workers, feature creativity and good imagination, be attentive to the slightest details. In addition its’ crucial to be flexible and to adapt a particular style to the customer’s wishes.

Income and Benefits

Both the illustrators in employment, in-house professionals, and freelancers can get a good income if working hard. The average salary is in the range of £14,000 – £40,000 annually. Some of them have other paid jobs or develop their own business. Your salary could be higher if having an extensive portfolio of top-notch projects and self-promotional abilities.

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