Career Options in Music Business to Pursue After Graduation

If you are about to graduate with a music degree, then you are probably started thinking of your future music-related career options. You might be thrilled that you won’t have to pay someone to write essay for you or do home assignments to save you time, but your career path is going to be challenging. The music industry is highly demanding and competitive, so you will have to work hard to build a thriving career. Here are some really good options you should consider after you graduate from college.

  1. Music Teacher

This job will be a great one to start your music career after college. The opportunities for teachers are immense. You will be able to find plenty of vacancies in schools, universities, music shops, or work as an independent teacher. It will enable you to get money as well as practice music, hone your skills, and then move towards your dream career.

  1. Sound Producer

This is a fascinating opening that requires not just strong music skills but also business acumen and a strong understanding of the commercial side of this industry. As a professional, you will have to build strong connections between a record label and an artist. Your main job will be to take care of all business tasks and let an artist work and express their creativity.

  1. Session Musician

This role involves playing for a certain band or artist while they record a new song. Not everyone needs a full-time musician. This job will give you a unique opportunity to collaborate with various professionals and try your skills in different music styles.

  1. Artist Manager

This is a music-related job that requires strong leadership and managerial skills. This one is very highly paid and demanding. As a professional, you will be responsible for helping an artist build a successful music career and become more popular by seeking professional opportunities and connecting with people.

  1. Booking Manager

For this job opportunity, you have to possess amazing research abilities as your main task will be to find concerts and events for your band or artist to play at. You will have to create a schedule, make all financial arrangements, take care of the equipment, and so much more.

  1. Songwriter

If you have been dreaming of creating lyrics for the most popular songs, then this career path will certainly be for you. You will work with various clients from the music industry and create lyrics on demand based on a genre and general idea. It will be you who will create the whole story that an artist will soon perform.

  1. Composer

Being a composer doesn’t mean creating classic music. You have a chance to work for the TV and film industry and create music needed for shows, movies, cartoons. You have to master your music skills to create a sound needed fast and make it a good fit for a final product.

  1. Conductor

You will be responsible for the live performance of the overall orchestra during a concert. This job requires strong music skills not just to manage musicians but also to select the best ones that will be a fit for an orchestra. You can work for radio companies or TV.

  1. Recording Engineer

You will be responsible for all the equipment in the studio. Your task will be to manipulate the equipment and implement your recording techniques to come up with a perfect sound ready for the client. It will be your job to cope with all technical issues, schedule, and organize a recording session.

  1. Music Journalist

If you are passionate not just about music but also have a writing talent, then you should try out this professional option. You will have to write engaging articles about music or review the latest music events, tours, or albums. Also, you might interview producers and artists.

  1. Club DJ

This job will be perfect for those who are passionate about modern music sounds. If you are a party person and want everyone to enjoy, your song covers all night long, then try it out. A great bonus for you will be an opportunity to enjoy an event with other guests.

  1.  Music Therapist

These professionals use music as a way to help patients recover their emotional condition. Music is actively used with therapeutical needs and can help people cope with their problems.

Final Words

Making your first career steps isn`t easy. You have to study hard and put all your efforts to stand out in this demanding industry. Consider each of these career options as they can be a very good start in your music career. Good luck with your professional endeavors!

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