Types of Online Casino Jackpots

Casino jackpots refer to the biggest possible win for one spin on a given slot machine on a gambling site. Jackpots give a player the chance to win the highest amount of money using the least amount of effort. Below are the types of online jackpots you can play through mobile casino.

Progressive Jackpots

They are the most popular jackpots. Players end up winning large amounts of money. This happens because some jackpots can have as much money as USD 10 million. In this jackpot, the pot collects money, which is to be won then cashed out. The jackpot begins as soon as the prize is claimed.

Playing a progressive slot can be thrilling when players choose not to claim their win immediately. This prompts the pot to continue building up. a small percentage of every bet is added to the grand prize.

Players have the same chances of winning a progressive jackpot every time they spin the reels, regardless of the jackpot’s size.

Mystery jackpots

Their name is derived from their nature on being random or surprising. They give players opportunities to make big winnings. They do not consider if a player has the right winning combination.

Mystery jackpots are controlled by the online site, and grow bigger with the number of games. Compared to slot machines, these jackpots are much bigger.

The machines are programmed with an opening value, then they choose an amount ranging from that to the greatest jackpot. These jackpots are always bigger compared to those offered on slot machines.

Players are not notified on the winning time, but they can estimate. Their estimations are based on the amount accumulated in the jackpot. Mystery jackpot players can win without hitting a specific winning combination. Additionally, these jackpots give players a chance to win cash bonuses. 

Fixed Jackpots

Also known as cash pots, flat jackpots or standalone they pay out a specific amount of money with every win.

The winning amount is not determined by the amount invested in the game. Players do not win depending on the amount fed in because the jackpot is built into the actual game.

Fixed jackpots are preferred because the odds of winning offered tend to be more steady with less fluctuations. Unlike progressive jackpots, fixed jackpots, provide a higher hit frequency. This translates to higher chances of winning with a minimal risk. Players know how much they should expect to win.

Multiple jackpots

They offer players several jackpots, so that they increase their chances of winning. Most casinos set aside pots for many jackpots separately. It is important to enquire whether your casino offers them before beginning to play.

Network Jackpots

With network jackpots, each casino that hosts a particular game contributes or pools into a common jackpot. This way, all players compete for the same price, for that online casino game. 

It is important for players to confirm the rates and precise betting limits. Different sites are at liberty to have their own extra rules, meaning that it is the player’s responsibility to confirm with their site of choice.

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