When to tip the casino dealer?

It is a sad fact that people often forget about the dealers that keep casinos running, even though these people are pretty crucial to the gambling enterprise of these establishments, and also aren’t often paid quite as much as you would imagine. They are, in many ways, the unsung heroes of the gambling industry, because without dealers in starburst slots game casinos you simply would not be able to play games like poker, roulette, craps or blackjack. 

One thing many casino novices won’t realise is that it is often seen as good practise to tip casino dealers, and not doing so could give you some dirty looks too. But here’s the thing: it is an awkward subject if you don’t really know what you are doing, exactly why we have decided to write an article exploring the process of tipping dealers.

Is it normal to tip the casino dealer? 

Oh yes, you best believe that it’s normal to tip the casino dealer, in fact it can be seen as not normal if you are not tipping the casino dealer in many cases. Many people worry that tipping the dealer can equate to bribery, but the reality is that pretty much all dealers are vetted extremely carefully so ensure that they are never tempted to accept bribes or anything along those lines. 

So yes, it is very normal to tip a casino dealer, something that complete casino novices probably wouldn’t have realised, but is very much the case.

Why should you tip the casino dealer? 

The next question that will be on many people’s lips is why on earth you should even tip a casino dealer: aren’t they just doing their job? Well, casino dealers train very extensively for their roles, and they also work some pretty unsociable hours without the largest amount of pay. 

For these reasons it is seen as common courtesy to tip a casino dealer – in many ways it is the least you can do. If it were not for casino dealers casino gambling simply would not exist, so you have to pay your respects somehow, right? 

When is the best time to tip the casino dealer? 

There isn’t really a perfect time to tip your casino dealer, because they are almost always in play with somebody, and don’t have too many breaks where they are still visible at the table. For this reason it is best to use your own initiative and tip the casino dealer whenever there is a few seconds of break in the play. 

How do I go about tipping the casino dealer 

Many people will be wondering how they actually go about tipping the dealer here, and there is a variety of ways you can do it. You could toss them a chip or two intermittently, which is what many gamblers end up doing. However, something that we are sure all dealers prefer is when players make a bet for them on the table – it is a great way of tipping, and simultaneously making sure the dealer can have a bit of fun too.

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