Top 5 Music Festivals in the World

Music festivals are one of the favorite pastimes of young adults, even more popular than the best live roulette casinos. It’s a great opportunity to listen to your favorite music, find like-minded people, and really break away from the daily routine. Which festival should you choose? 


Glastonbury was founded in 1970 by a local farmer, Michael Eavis. The event is named after the farm that Eavis owns and where the festival takes place. Traditionally Glastonbury Festival is considered one of the main musical events in Britain. In 2009, it was attended by 190 thousand people, and the tickets are growing in price every year. Over the years Muse, Paul McCartney, Coldplay, David Bowie, Lana Del Rey, and Taylor Swift have all performed on this stage.


Sziget is more than just a music festival. It brings together fans of music, art, and culture from Hungary, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain and Russia. The event is attended by over half a million people. Sziget has been held annually since 1993, and in terms of the number of activities and infrastructure in the country, the event is unparalleled. Here you can:

  • Attend theater and circus performances.
  • Go skating and roller skating.
  • Enjoy music.
  • Take part in open-air movies or sports competitions.
  • Visit galleries and art exhibitions, language schools, and discussion clubs.


Donauinselfest is one of the largest free festivals in the world. According to the media, in 2013 the event was visited by 3 million people in 3 days. Despite the motley crowd, the event is one of the safest in Europe. A thousand and a half volunteers and representatives of the authorities monitor it. The music is as diverse as the audience: from church choir to heavy music.


The Mawazine International Music Festival in Morocco is an event that has brought 2 million people together since 2001. The concept of the festival is to reflect the diversity of world music and bring people of different cultures a little closer to each other. Despite criticism of the event by the city’s conservative authorities, the festival is gaining momentum. In different years on the Mawazine stage have performed Sting, Julio Iglesias, Ellie Golding, Elton John, and Whitney Houston.


Coachella is a three-day event organized by Goldenvoice. Each year the festival brings together fans of electronic music, indie rock, hip-hop, pop music, art, and sculpture. The festival was created as a replica of the famous Burning Man, but over time, it has gained its own identity and niche. Coachella has hosted performances by Jay-Z, Radiohead, Phoenix, Muse, AC/DC, RHCP, Lady Gaga, Eminem, Beyonce and others.

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