Top 5 Daily Habits to Become a Better Songwriter


What’s the biggest misconception that most people seem to have about songwriting? We’d answer that for you. To a lot of people, songwriting seems as easy as eating a banana. They seem to think that the entire process comes naturally. However, this is a huge myth that needs to be debunked. When it comes to songwriting, you’d need to employ a wide range of song habits to become a pro at the game.

For essay writers, it’s easy to become a pro just by practicing and reading tips. However, it’s a little tricky for songwriters. This leads us to the big question: what do the best songwriters do to improve their skills?

Fortunately, we’ve laid out the answer to this question for you. So if you’ve been wondering how to become a songwriter, here are five important habits to include in your daily routine:

Study and learn your favourite songs

As a songwriter, you definitely want to be original and have your very own sound. However, even the best songwriters often draw inspiration from other songs. By studying and listening to your favourite songs every day, you can easily absorb the songwriter’s influence into your creative process without plagiarising them.

Memorise the flow and lyrics and then use it as a template for your own sound.

Write instead of critiquing

Picture this scenario: you’re writing a song at your study table. You write the first line and you hate it immediately. You then crumple the paper, throw it into the trash can and then start all over. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

As a songwriter, it’s easy to critique your own work and rip it into shreds. However, this habit may be hindering your productivity. There are phases to writing a song. When you start critiquing at the early stages, you’d kill your ideas before they bloom fully.

Instead of critiquing, you could try the following practice every day: spend two hours of songwriting without editing any line. Add as many clichés as you want.

This way, you can let your ideas develop fully before you begin to cut out any irrelevant one.

Let the stream of consciousness guide you

Ever heard the term “stream of consciousness writing”? It’s a pretty common practice among expert songwriters. Also known as freestyle writing, this technique is quite easy to practice. All you need to do is train your mind to spit out new ideas and then write down each idea separately as they come.

You don’t necessarily have to churn out deep, Grammy-worthy ideas. Just pick a topic and write down your thoughts without any direction. Don’t stop to edit or critique. Just keep writing for ten minutes.

At the end of your freestyling session, you’d most likely find a creative idea or flow that you can explore.

Visit a new place

When it comes to writing songs, your environment plays a huge part in the creative process.

If you’ve been writing your songs in a cramped study, it may be the time to explore and try something different. You could try visiting a new coffee shop or an art museum. In fact, your big idea may actually hit you while you’re trying out a new meal or watching children play at the park.

So, add exploration to your daily routine and you just might find the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Write with someone else

In the writing world, co-writing is a pretty common practice. As an essay writer, you can team up with another writer just by asking questions like, “who wants to write my essay with me?”

On the other hand, writing songs with another songwriter may seem like a recipe for disaster, but there are certain advantages too. When you write on your own, it’s easy to get distracted or lose track of your goals. However, with a co-writer, there’s a bigger sense of urgency to create something worthy.

Pro tip: Not every co-writing session will end with you creating a hit song. However, every session will open your eyes to the intricacies of songwriting.

What Makes a Good Songwriter?

Now that you’ve gotten a hang of the best songwriting tips and habits, it’s time to find out the secret traits of expert songwriters. What exactly makes a good songwriter? What traits do you need to have to be better at songwriting? Let’s find out.

Writing when there’s no inspiration

What do you do when you run out of inspiration? Do you drop your pen and go to bed or keep writing? If your answer is the former, then you’ve been doing it all wrong. Skilled songwriters write even when they don’t feel like writing. They don’t wait for inspiration to hit them like a boomerang. Instead, they start writing until inspiration catches up with them.

If you’re trying to become a pro songwriter, it’s important to write even on blue days. This way, you can hone your skills in no time at all.

Being observant

As a songwriter, it’s important to be observant and pick up the tiny details that ordinary people may have missed. Whether you’re reading a text or listening to music, you can get great ideas simply by picking up on important details.

Learning everyday

How often do you study your craft? In the songwriting industry, even pros never stop learning. As such, it’s important to constantly study other songs and songwriters. This way, you can easily discover hidden tips that would help you improve your skills.

Final Thoughts

Songwriting is an art that requires dedication. Sure, your talent may help you write great songs but if you’re looking to improve your skills, it’s important to inculcate some habits into your daily routine.

We’ve outlined a few daily habits and tips that would help you become a better songwriter in this guide. Once you practice these habits daily, your songwriting skills will go from zero to hero.

Pro Tip: When it comes to trying out these daily habits, you may falter for the first week or two. Don’t feel discouraged if you forget to practice any of them in a day. Just keep going and you’d get used to it eventually.

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