AMBY contributor Iain Fox’s favourite moments of artistic brilliance in 2016

Car Seat Headrest

It may be tempting to dwell excessively on the ghastly awfulness that has been 2016 (and Death continues to ruthlessly go about his business as I write - RIP Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds), but here at AMBY we'd like to remind everyone that amidst the tragic losses of many

AMBY contributor Iain Fox’s best albums, shows, and photos of 2015

2015 - Iain's favourite photos

*** Like many people at this time of year, I have an uncontrollable desire to present the things that have floated my musical boat in list form. I'm pretty certain that this list in no way represents the thoughts of the management, but that is why AMBY is such a great

Review + Photos: First Aid Kit and Van William @ Albert Hall – Manchester

First Aid Kit

Review and Photos by Iain Fox | @IainFoxPhoto January was relatively bereft of quality album releases that really got the blood pumping, but there were a couple that thankfully made that longest of months a bit more bearable. Released on the same day, Van William's Countries and First Aid Kit's Ruins

Review + Photos: Ezra Furman @ Arts Club – Liverpool

Ezra Furman

Review and Photos by Iain Fox | @IainFoxPhoto "These are classic songs you just don’t know yet", remarks Ezra Furman during his intimate appearance at Liverpool's wonderful club venue on Seel Street. During a twenty-five song set, the Chicago native throws in every song from his new record Transangelic Exodus, but

Review + Photos: The Barr Brothers @ Gorilla – Manchester

The Barr Brothers

Review and Photos by Iain Fox | @IainFoxPhoto It has only been two months since The Barr Brothers' last visit to Manchester. Supporting the War on Drugs at The Apollo on paper seemed like the ideal combination, but the overall experience ultimately proved to be an underwhelming one. Was it the

You’ve GOT to Hear This: Van William – “Revolution”

Van William

I don't know about you, but I find myself gravitating towards a particular style of music at this time of year. The Christmas holidays are over, it seems like ages until the next payday and it's still bloody freezing. I want something to lift my mood, something to help iron

Review + Photos: Future Islands and Zack Mexico @ O2 Apollo – Manchester

Future Islands

For fans already familiar with the Future Islands live experience, this evening's gig does not really provide any new or unique joys from the Baltimore trio that we haven't seen before. So what are the standards are we measuring the band by? In a nutshell, this evening is a relentless

Review + Photos: Ian Felice and Gill Landry @ Night & Day Cafe – Manchester

Ian Felice

Ian Felice has been incredibly busy of late. The latest Felice Brothers album Life in the Dark arrived in 2016 and this was followed by a seemingly endless headline tour which continued well into the summer when they adopted the guise of Conor Oberst's backing band. During this time, a

You’ve GOT to See This: Lissie – “Blood and Muscle”

It was Lissie's third album, My Wild West, that brought the Illinois singer to AMBY's attention. Tracks like the resolute Daughter, the dynamic Stay and the Fleetwood Mac stylings that drift amidst Don't You Give up on Me prompted an obsessive trawl through her back catalogue revealing even more shimmering