Howdy folks! I’m Alicia, creator and owner of A Music Blog, Yea?. I’m 22 and live in Toronto, Ontario. I absolutely love going to concerts and wrestling shows to not only have a good time, but also interview my favourite people: wrestlers and musicians.

I’m a Smash Wrestling backstage TV correspondent on Fight Network — watch me weekly at 10PM EST following Impact Wrestling! — and have had the pleasure of being a JUNOS Juror, Polaris Music Prize Grand Juror, Prism Prize Juror, East Coast Music Association Juror, BMW Influencer, AIR MILES Partner, Intel Influencer, CMW Panelist, and a part of so many other amazing music communities.

I’m a fan of anything high-waisted, ginger-ale, karaoke video games, barbeque fam jams, and hot chocolate. I also like long walks on the beach, of course.

As owner of AMBY, I coordinate interviews, photographs concerts, review records and singles, coordinate show requests for my staff, handle all of the website’s social media, and more.

To learn more about AMBY and our accolades, click here!

4 thoughts on “About AMBY Owner, Alicia Atout

  1. Alicia Atout I have just started watching your show… The interview with Kenny Omega, Cody and Young Bucks. Love it thanks! Canada rocks

  2. The interview with Rosemary was awesome along with all the other bullet club members. Cant wait to watch any future wrestling interviews.

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