About Team AMBY

Alicia AtoutWriter: Alicia Atout (@AliciaAtout)

About: Howdy everyone, I’m Alicia Atout– creator and owner of A Music Blog, Yea?. I’m 18 and live in Toronto, Ontario. I absolutely love music and concerts, and it’s always a joy meeting the bands who inspire and influence me to write. There are many groups I’d love to share with others and thought that this is the perfect way to do so! I also like long walks on the beach, of course.

Favourite 3 Bands: Mystery Jets, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Noah and the Whale.

Favourite Albums of 2013 So Far: Tiny Tiny’s Gravity Works Her Magic, Harts’ EP Offtime, POST’s Cavalcad, Kodaline’s In A Perfect World. I also love these 2013 tunes: Riptide by Vance Joy, Swimming in 99 by Golden Suits, Lick My Wounds by Ron Pope, Exit Tax by La Vega, and Great Expectations by Wild Combination.

Favourite AMBY Segment: Gimme Your Answers and Play AMBY A Song, although all the segments are pretty nifty!

Something About Me That Nobody Knows: I don’t know where I’m going, but I sure know where I’ve been…

SeperateMaddie AtoutWriter: Madison Atout (@madisonatout)

About: A teen who is fueled by a love for music, books, 70s and 80s culture, drawing, movies, and a constant outlook for new interests.

Favourite 3 Bands: Bombay Bicycle Club, The Vaccines, Mystery Jets

Must Hear Albums of 2013: Palma Violets- 180, Peace- In Love, Parquet Courts- Light Up Gold.

Favourite AMBY Segment: Gimme Your Answers

Something About Me That Nobody Knows: I wish that I could see all of my favourite new wave bands from the 80s in their prime.

Writer: Yaz Atout (@YazAtout)

About: Six Foot Two

Favourite 3 Bands: One Direction, Two Directions, Three Directions
Favourite Albums of 2013 So Far: Arc by Everything Everything, The Weight of Your Love by The Editors
Favourite AMBY Segment: Gimme Your Answers
Something About Me That Nobody Knows: I hate One Direction


Writer: Nadia Kaakati (@nadiakaakati)

About: 24 year old Toronto wanderer, painter, coffee drinker, researcher, and music fanatic.  Love to explore local hubs, and always on the lookout for new music.  If there’s a show at Massey Hall, chances are I’ll see you there.

Favourite 3 Bands: The National, Fleet Foxes, Sigur Ros

Must Hear Album of 2012: Grizzly Bear’s Shields.  (if its’s fo 2013 then The National’s Trouble Will Find Me)

Favourite Segment: You’ve GOT to Hear This & Gimme Your Answers

Favourite Venue: Massey Hall


Writer: Leah Edwards (@leahhedwards)

About: 21 year old UofT grad student who is stoked that her classes will be right down the street from Lee’s Palace.

Favourite 3 Bands: Neutral Milk Hotel, Brand New, Broken Social Scene

Favourite Albums of 2013 So Far: Christopher Owens’ Lysandre–because the more I’ve listened to it, the better it gets (and it’s the closest thing to another GIRLS album). Merchandise, Total Nite–it lives up to the greatness of Children of Desire. Crystal Fighters, Cave Rave.

Deafhaven’s Sunbather–not what I would usually listen to, but from “Dream House” to “Pecan Tree,” its shoegazing, pseudo-metal bliss.

Favourite AMBY Segment: The concert reviews and the interviews; I especially like AMBY’s consistent use of that last interview question, because it either leaves bands stumped or generates some great answers.

Something About Me That Nobody Knows: Um. I took piano lessons for six years, and can play only Christmas songs.


Artist: Natalia Kasprzyk (@malinoowa)

About: I’m a 22-year-old music addict, gig goer and student from Poland. Love drawing, photography and festivals.

Favourite 3 Bands: TRANSFER, Queens of the Stone Age, Editors and more..

Favourite Albums of 2013 So Far: Queens of the Stone Age – “…Like Clockwork”, Tribes – “Wish To Scream”, Alt-J – “An Awesome Wave”

Favourite AMBY Segment: Gimme Your Answers

Something About Me That Nobody Knows: I’m a master of wasting time :)


FiWriter: Fi Carroll (@Dirtyroknroller)

About: Gig junkie, photo taker, professional setlist/drumstick collector most commonly found at the barrier.

Favourite 3 Bands: The Stone Roses, Kasabian, The Enemy, Sound of Guns, The Fallows, Kodaline, Little Comets it’s impossible to only have three!!

Favourite Albums of 2013 So Far: Miles Kane Don’t Forget Who You Are, Kodaline In A Perfect World

Ones to watch: The Fallows, Sugarmen, The Nankeens, The Dirty Rivers

Favourite AMBY Segment: Gimme Your Answers

Something About Me That Nobody Knows: If I told you then it wouldn’t be something nobody knows!!



GeorgieWriter: Georgie Celestine Luhur (@georgiecel)

About: I live in Sydney, Australia. I’m very indecisive about many things. I work in web design, which I love, but as a hobby I photograph at concerts, and enjoy playing guitar, drinking tea and dancing. I write music under the name Georgie Celestine and released some music on Bandcamp, but that’s really just a side project of mine. Other side projects include maintaining a blog (I’ve been blogging for ten years), collecting concert memorabilia and trying out new restaurants.

Favourite 3 Bands: Hey Geronimo, Lime Cordiale, Velociraptor, The Griswolds — I could name three hundred! I adore many Australian bands but also adore Armor For Sleep, The Smashing Pumpkins, Fightstar and Weezer, as well as old bands such as ELO, The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

Favourite Albums of 2013 So Far: Absolutely adoring James X. Boyd & The Boydoids’ self-titled release, and Bob Evans’ Familiar Stranger.

Favourite AMBY Segment: Gimme Your Answers and You’ve Got To Hear This

Something About Me That Nobody Knows: When I was ten years old, I had a crush on my best friend, and I didn’t have the balls to give him a valentine.



Writer: Cedric Casimier (@ccasimier18)

About: Musician, writer and generalt audiophile. I could talk for hours about a good album.

Favourite 3 Bands: Radiohead, The White Stripes, Nirvana

Favourite Albums of 2013 So Far: Smith Westerns “Soft Will”, Sigur Ros “Kveikur”, Laura Marling “Once I was an Eagle”

Favourite Segment: Quick Picks: 5 Tasty Jams

Something About Me That Nobody Knows: I love the tv show Madmen.


Katrin KuglerWriter: Katrin Kugler (@Kat_Kugler)

About: I love bands, music in general, going to concerts, meeting bands and talking to them, collecting drumsticks, wearing band T-shirts, meeting my friends, films, books, art, travelling, playing the guitar, football, snooker, foreign languages, foreign countries and their culture, swimming, writing…

Favourite 3 Bands: The Family Rain, Band of Skulls, Broken Witt Rebels

Favourite Album of 2013 So Far: “Haven’t You Heard?” by The Thespians

Favourite AMBY Segments: Gimme Your Answers, You’ve GOT To Hear This

Something About Me That Nobody Knows: I hate doing phone calls, I rather speak to people face to face or write e-mails to them.


Vincent HughesWriter: Vincent Hughes

About: I’m 19 years old (soon to leave behind the world of adolescence) and I’m living in Ireland.I try to dabble in as many different creative mediums as I can; I play guitar for an instrumental (vaguely ‘math pop’) band called SUPER7AIYAN, I write fiction/non-fiction/poetry, I occasionally work on short films/promotional videos (usually recording audio, though I’m hoping to branch into writing, and maybe filming/directing) with members of my university’s Film Society, and I’m hoping to get involved in photography in the relatively near future.Fun fact: The jack of all trades is a master of none. But, sometimes he’s better than a master of one.

Favorite 3 Bands: At the moment, Enemies, And So I Watch You From Afar and Queens of the Stone Age, but at least two of those will probably change in a week.

Favorite Albums of 2013 So Far: Enemies – Embark, Embrace, And So I Watch You From Afar – All Hail Bright Futures, Queens of the Stone Age – …Like Clockwork, LITE – Installations, Foals – Holy Fire, Affleck, and Bosnian Rainbows.

Favorite AMBY Segment: Let Me Introduce You To…

Something About Me That Nobody Knows: There’s nothing about me that absolutely nobody knows. Does that count?


Matt ThomasWriter: Matt Thomas (@MattThomasWxm)

About: A Welsh lad trying to put off becoming part of the real world for as long as humanly possible. Oh, and I’m also in a band called The Rifts… You should totally check them out!

Favourite 3 Bands: Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand

Favourite Albums of 2013 So Far: “The Computers- Love Triangles, Hate Squares”, “Queens Of The Stone Age- …Like Clockwork”, “The Strokes- Comedown Machine”, “Frank Turner- Tape Deck Heart”.

Favourite AMBY Segment: You’ve Got To Hear This!

Something About Me That Nobody Knows: I was once the youngest person on Earth.

Emily FoxWriter: Emily Fox (@foxyfoxe)

About: When I don’t write, I perform contortions before a camera for money.

Favourite 3 Bands: LCD Soundsystem, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails

Favourite Album of 2013 So Far: Kanye West’s Yeezus, Arts and Crafts X

Favourite AMBY Segment: Concert Reviews

Something About Me That Nobody Knows: I’m allergic to penicillin. Please. Remember that if you ever take me to the hospital.


Leeann WalkerArtist/Illustrator: Leeann Walker (@ljw_illustrates)

About: I’m 22, from Liverpool and I’m a freelance illustrator. I have two passions in life, music and illustration. Music is a huge influence on my work, I love to show my love of music through my illustrations. I’ve always been into art and it was about 6 years ago I really started to get into music, I was so bored of the generic pop music all the “cool kids” at school listened to! So off I went on a little musical adventure and discovered an array of awesome bands and musicians. Blondie were the first band I really fell in love with. I love going to gigs and go to as many as I possibly can. So far the best gig I’ve ever been to is Arctic Monkeys at the Echo Arena with support from The Vaccines, two bands I absolutely love. I think growing up in Liverpool has helped me to really love and appreciate music, due to the many musicians and bands the city has produced and still continues to produce today.

Favourite 3 Bands: This is just cruel only letting us pick 3! Blondie, Deap Vally, Tame Impala (I genuinely struggled to only pick 3, I kept changing my mind!)

Favourite Albums of 2013 So Far: Sistrionix by Deap Vally, Arc by Everything Everything, Girl Talk by Kate Nash.

Favourite AMBY Segment: Gimme Your Answers.

Something About Me That Nobody Knows: I really like ABBA! It’s like a guilty pleasure of mine, I also love a good one hit wonder.


Reuben Jude CorrieaWriter: Reuben Jude Corriea (@ReubReubs)

About: I’m just a sissy emo boy from Mississauga and the only reason I write is to have an excuse to interview bands. I’m in a few dumb bands and I rep peel crew 24/7.

Favourite 3 Bands: Dads, New Order, Milhaus Youth.

Favourite Albums of 2013 So Far: You’re Nothing – Iceage, Feast Of Love – Pity Sex, Pretty Good – Dads.

Favourite AMBY Segment: Gimme Your Answers

Something About Me That Nobody Knows: I’m a pretty open guy, I don’t keep secrets.


JosefaWriter: Josefa Cameron (JosefaBamBam-Instagram and Facebook)

About: 21-year old music, arts and cultural freelance journalist and band interviewer. Working on a double major in English Lit and Anthropology at UBC in Vancouver. Drums for the all girl band, Hooves. Along with sister, Paulette Cameron, is forming, INTEGRITY, an initiative made to redefine the meaning femininity among young womanhood.

Favourite 3 Bands: The Clash, Tame Impala and BB King.

Favourite Albums of 2013 So Far: The Liminanas, Crystal Anis

Favourite AMBY Segment: Song of the Day

Something About Me That Nobody Knows: I’m writing a book about myself. It includes everything that went on around me with friends and family because I like to think I have a fantastic and interesting life.


Vincent RiveraPhotographer: Vincent Rivera
About: Student + Photographer from Toronto (well, Mississauga… but close enough)
Favourite 3 Bands: Bloc Party, Beastie Boys, Miike Snow
Favourite Albums of 2013 So Far: Bloc Party’s EP: The Nextwave Sessions
Favourite AMBY Segment: Concert & Band Photos + Album & Concert Reviews
Something About Me That Nobody Knows: Watched the movie Dear John with my friend + his girlfriend thinking we were watching a comedy… yes, I was a third wheel.