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Howdy folks! I’m Alicia, creator and owner of AMBY. I’m 25 and live in Toronto, Ontario. I run an award-winning interview website with music, wrestling, and bodybuilding videos aplenty, hosted by yours truly! I really pride myself on hosting thousands of exclusive, well-researched, and fun interviews with my favourite wrestling superstars, legends, and musicians.

I’m a TV and Live Host for Major League Wrestling which airs every Saturday night on BeIn Sports at 9PM and YouTube at 10PM. I’ve also had the delight of hosting for AEW, IMPACT, Starrcast, Fite.TV, WrestleCade, Highspots Network, Beyond Wrestling, Powerbomb.TV, BlackCraft, Destiny, Rise, Northeast Wrestling, and more.

I’ve had the honour of participating in many committees for highly esteemed award shows, worked with some of the world’s hottest brands, and am always looking for the next incredible interview to bring to my fans. I’ve been a JUNOS Juror, Polaris Music Prize Grand Juror, Prism Prize Juror, East Coast Music Association Juror, BMW Influencer, Budweiser Chief Music Officer and Influencer at Hot Topic, Budweiser Stage, AIR MILES Partner, Intel Influencer, CMW Panelist, and a part of so many other amazing music communities.

AMBY has been mentioned on MTV,, Alt Press, Perez Hilton, Us Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Celeb Style Gossip, Fox News, Marie Claire,, Vanity Fair,, Elle Magazine, IMDB, Glamour Magazine, The Sun UK, OK Magazine,Vogue, Seventeen Magazine, and more.

I’m officially verified on Twitter (@AliciaAtout), verified on Instagram (@AliciaAtout), and verified on Facebook (/AliciaAtoutInterviews).

I’m a fan of anything high-waisted, ginger-ale, karaoke video games, barbeque fam jams, and hot chocolate!

6 thoughts on “About Alicia Atout

  1. Alicia Atout I have just started watching your show… The interview with Kenny Omega, Cody and Young Bucks. Love it thanks! Canada rocks

  2. The interview with Rosemary was awesome along with all the other bullet club members. Cant wait to watch any future wrestling interviews.

  3. Really enjoy your interviews, particularly those with the Knockouts and am super-impressed with what you’ve been able to accomplish by age 23. Keep up the good work, and I hope the Impact gig becomes permanent.

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