Artwork: “Yannis Philippakis” by Emily Perrin

Yannis Philippakis

I found myself getting back in to Foals around January time this year, and have spent numerous hours watching and re-watching the Holy Fire live at The Royal Albert Hall DVD since I bought it last month. So, clearly, my latest drawing had to be of Yannis Philippakis. I liked

Artwork: “Rae Morris” by Emily Perrin

Rae Morris

This drawing came about as I've recently completely fallen in love with Rae Morris and her beautiful music. It took such a long time to draw her hair, but I'm really pleased with the result! Rae herself has actually seen the drawing too, which makes all the time spent on

Artwork: “Jack Steadman” by Emily Perrin

Jack Steadman

I chose to draw Jack Steadman as a result of beginning to listen to Bombay Bicycle Club a lot more than usual at the end of 2013, combined with the hype for their new album beginning to reach out across the internet and appear on my Tumblr dashboard. He has