Getting Cozy With: Louis Mattrs

Louis Mattrs

Hi everyone, I’m Louis and I’m currently sat here in my boxers munching on a packet of crisps… #getyourcrispsout. Now the most important bit of information is out the way I can move on and share a few minor bits and bobs with you all. I’ve taken a short break from

Getting Cozy With: Ideomotor


We seem to be always dwelling about the fact how difficult or sometimes productive it can be to be in a band where the other half lives in Zurich, Switzerland and the other in Helsinki, Finland. The distance equates to roughly the same as Vancouver to Winnipeg in Canadian terms.

Getting Cozy With: The Happy Hippo Family

The Happy Hippo Family

Hi, my name is Timmy, I play bass in the Swedish indie pop/rock band The Happy Hippo Family. First of all, that’s a pretty distasteful name. To our defense - everyone seem to remember it when they’ve pronounced it correctly for a few times… so that’s why we still stick to

Getting Cozy With: The Hummingbirds

The Hummingbirds

We're 5 lads from the seaside town of Liverpool, England. Let us introduce ourselves, we are a band called 'The Hummingbirds'. We consist of; Jay Davies - vocals & rhythm guitarMichael Kountis - lead guitar & backing vocalsMatty Brougham - rhythm guitarRyan Lewis - bassRichard Smith - drums & backing vocals

Getting Cozy With: Ella On The Run

Ella On The Run

Before the holidays, AMBY spoke with songstress Ella On The Run. Get cozy with her below. I love getting cozy, actually it is one of my obsessions. So before writing this intro I have lit some candles, dimmed the lights and made a nice cup of tea. I hope you

Getting Cozy With: Husky


I’m writing from my courtyard in Melbourne, Australia. A new moon's hanging in the sky to the west. Pete Seger’s playing on the stereo and I’m about to go to bed and try to sleep off my jet lag. My name’s Husky Gawenda, hence our band name Husky. My cousin

Getting Cozy With: Captiva


Hey AMBY readers, we are Captiva. The group was formed in 2013 during detention, and have been breaking all of the rules since. Our debut EP, which is available now, is a huge step forward for us. We hope you dig the new tunes, and look forward to seeing you

Getting Cozy With: Jess Thristan

Jess Thristan

At the age of 18 I began recording my debut album working with the likes of Steve Crisanthou (Corrine Bailey-Rae, Eliza Dolittle) and Jonny Wright (Foxes, Becky Hill) and released my debut single “Little Bird” in October 2014 on my label ‘Better Than Cake Records' which gained great support from

Getting Cozy With: Tors


Hey, we’re Tors!  The band started off in Devon, where myself (Matt) and my brother Theo were brought up.  When I started to write music for E4’s Skin’s, Theo joined the writing team. And then when Theo moved to London to study scriptwriting so I followed suit. We’re very lucky to be the