Lyric of the Day: “Right Again”

Right Again by Eux Autres "When you're out winning cases, don’t forget to check your laces. Someday, you’re tripping on your best intentions. Keep it number one, I’ll be watching, I’ll be at the ready. Keep it number one, I’ll be waiting when they break your heart." The first time I

Lyric of the Day: “Tangled Up In Love”

Tangled Up In Love by The Rifles “I'd sail all the seven seas, to get back to your door. I’ve everything I need, everything and more. ‘Cos there's so many times, I've fallen out of love. But with you I find, that I never get enough.” Tangled Up In Love tells the

Thank You!

"From all the jobs, the one I choose is music. From all the drinks, I get drunk off music."                  -Music Is My Hot Hot Sex, CSS It's now two weeks since I've started A Music Blog, Yea? and would like to say thanks to everyone who's checked it out so far! I

Lyric of the Day: “Gimme the Sign”

Gimme the Sign by The Enemy "Well you can press more buttons than a sky remote, but sing a tune and I bet you'll choke. Step outside 'cos we're coming through, we've got no time for this or you. It's time to give me the sign. And he's only moving slowly,

Lyric of the Day: “Got to Lose”

Got to Lose by Hollerado “When darkness fell it held the rain like water in my shaking hand, with no one there to lead the walk. And so the night was getting dirty and I begged the lord for mercy, and He said, 'Oh, so now you wanna talk?'" Anytime I hear

Lyric of the Day: “43 Degrees”

43 Degrees by Skint and Demoralised "The sun sets on the evening, she's squinting in the light. Her heart is set on leaving, we're welcoming the night. She ties her hair up slowly with sadness in her eyes, "I'm sick to death of England, rainy summer skies." I place my arm

Lyric of the Day: “Just Like Tiger Woods”

Just Like Tiger Woods by Steel Panther “If you don't golf that's okay, you can be a tiger anyway. Lie through your teeth when things get tough, or your balls are gonna wind up in the rough, yeah yeah!” I do believe these lyrics say it all. The Steel Panther spin on

Lyric of the Day: “123 Stop”

123 Stop by The Postelles "You wanna talk to me 'bout nothing, well I wanna hear the radio." While being in New York for the week, I've been thinking of all the fantastic bands that originate from here. One that sticks out for me is The Postelles. With the song 123

Lyric of the Day: “True Romance”

True Romance by Motion City Soundtrack "I'm pathetic, overly apologetic- I'm a tightrope tragedy. You're chicken little, I'm the monkey in the middle- There is something wrong with me." Stoked for the show in November, I've been listening to Motion City Soundtrack's new album Go. The second single True Romance is