“Matthew Molarius” from TRANSFER

Check out Nat's new amazing piece: Matthew Molarius from TRANSFER! For an interview with TRANSFER, click here. For another sketch of Matthew, click here. And for a sketch of Andy Ridley, click here. Alicia Atout

“Blaine Harrison” from Mystery Jets #2

Natalia is back and man did she kill this! Another amazing piece of Blaine from Mystery Jets. Also check out Natalia's other Mystery Jets artwork: William Rees AND Blaine Harrison And if you love Mystery Jets like we do, take a look at this review of their fantastic album Radlands and

“Pete Denton” from The Kooks

A Music Blog, Yea? is full of people who adore The Kooks' music. I absolutely love what Natalia did here: She drew this detailed, rad shot of their bassist Pete's playing, check it out! Alicia Atout

“Blaine Harrison” from Mystery Jets

A Music Blog, Yea? are Mystery Jets lovers! So when I saw Natalia's new portrait of Blaine Harrison, I couldn't help but post it right away. Also check out her sketch of Mystery Jets' William Rees here. Really love Mystery Jets? Take a look at this review of their fantastic album

“Mal Taylor” from The Chevin

Part three of the Chevin drawings! Natalia did a lovely sketch of their drummer Mal Taylor. The treat I mentioned yesterday? We have an interview with The Chevin which will be posted in the morning, so check in with us later! Alicia Atout