Behind the Scenes: Music at the Super Bowl

One of the highlights of the Super Bowl, apart from the football itself, of course, is the half time show. For a couple of decades or so now, the half time show has been a kind of high-status mini concert for pop stars and an extra attraction for the fans.

The Lasting Influence of Michael Jackson on Contemporary Art


The music of Michael Jackson has brought a lot of joy to many people over the years. However, it is perhaps surprising to see that the late singer’s influence is carrying on strongly in the world of contemporary art as well as in music. An example of this comes with

Ways Music Makes Our Lives Better

The Beaches

Whether you enjoy classical music or punk rock, or anything (and everything) in between, music is a great addition to everyone’s lives. It’s not just about finding something enjoyable though; there are some proven benefits of listening to music, and studies have shown that it truly does make our lives

The Ultimate Fan Girl: Grieving for a Celebrity Death


Have you ever experienced grieving for your favorite celebrity death? If yes, then do you think it is reasonable enough to grieve because you’re an ultimate fan? Well, you should know that there is nothing wrong about mourning for a death of a celebrity and learn more about this issue

10 effects how music impacts on your health


Music is an amazing kind of art, as no other means of transferring information has been able to overcome all possible barriers whether it is linguistic, age, or national ones. However, what else do we know about it? Modern scientists believe that it is not just art since it affects

Essential Brain Supplements for Musicians


Like any other career, doing music requires creative thinking, which can be boosted by embracing brain supplements. Ketogenic Supplement Reviews offers different reviews of supplements, so you can check out their review of Bulletproof Brain Octane that is suitable for musicians and people who want to keep their creativity at

How Music Affects Essay Writing Process


Music is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. And maybe it appeared long before the first man whistled a tune and beat the most ancient rhythm along the hairy back of his primitive partner with a stick-digger. Everyone, even if he is not a music lover, hears music every

4 Tips on Streaming Your Fave Tunes on a Budget

T Mobile

As a devoted music fan, you love listening to your favorite tunes throughout the entire day. Whether it’s hard rock on headphones to get you through your morning workout, sampling some current pop songs in the car during your commute or relaxing in the evening with light jazz, you are

How Music Affects Your Mood, Your Concentration, and Your Mind


There have been many misconceptions made about entertainment. Television melts your brain, music distracts you, video games make you violent – not only are these misconceptions wrong, they are actually limiting genuine methods people can use to become better versions of themselves. Music therapy, for instance, is not a new