Pros and Cons of Online Sports Betting in Australia

Sports Betting

Online sports betting has become an interesting phenomenon in recent years with more and more Australians opting for this route of gambling more than any other. As a country with several sports occupying the minds and interest of a larger population, it is not surprising that betting on sports is

Slot games inspired by superheroes


It so turned that the superhero universe has opened a door to literally unmatched source of income for the Hollywood moviemakers. Both Marvel and DC characters have become the mere icons of recent blockbusters. Batman fighting with Superman and Steve Rogers turning against Tony Stark… these two clashes provoked both

Gambling policy and regulations


Pro et contra Gambling as an element of an entertaining industry is an integral part of the development of civilisation. Nowadays, gaming business is very popular as well as profitable all over the world. According to the results of an audit company “PricewaterhouseCoopers”, the income of a worldwide gaming industry is

Online Slots with Musical Roots

The Monkees

Music makes everything better and there’s nothing better than playing games inspired by top tunes. The following slot games all have a grounding in music and feature a host of musical characters. There are hundreds of them out there but these are some of our favourite ones: The Jimi Hendrix Slot Few

AMBY teams up with Budweiser Stage for incredible Summer ‘17!

The Amp

Summer is my favourite time of the year. Sure the hot sun, easy-coming tan, and barbeque is nice, but the best part is the summer concerts. Summer concerts are a massive part of my life, as owning AMBY, I find myself running around all summer long covering shows. Today I’m overjoyed

What to do if lost in the casino?


Everyone knows that a winning streak has its end. Even seasoned gamblers can’t win all the time. Whether it’s good or bad, casino gambling games rely purely on luck. The smartest casino strategies and profitable stakes won’t insure you against losses. You must be ready for both wins and losses.

Online casino hack: Myth or reality?


“Can you hack an online casino?” – any gambler must have asked this question in their head. Over the 15-years’ history of online gambling, no online casino has suffered from hackers. Of course, you can hack almost anything on the internet. The main thing is to know how to do this.

Here’s Why Need To Listen To The Top 5 Lyrics By Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

Last week, we took a poll in one our bingo chat rooms at, if it was a right decision having singer-writer Bob Dylan awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature. A polarizing selection — while some the players support the selection, while few say that he didn’t deserve the prestigious

The link between gambling and emotions

Take control over emotions There are scientific methods of determining which player will win and which lose. Of course, there is also another method that is called luck. But also there are special random number generators that are set irregularly, thus determine winning or losing sessions. Additionally, there exists another element that

Video Games Emerge as an Unlikely Aid for Mental Health

video games

It is a commonly held belief that video games are only for entertainment and offer no benefits apart from being a burden on the time and health. Those who regularly play video games are often looked down upon, as it is viewed as something that can hurt social life, eyesight,