How to Organize Your First Gig


If you have been to any gigs, then you will know how exciting it can be and how much better music is when it's live. If you find that there aren’t that many gigs near to you, then why not think about hosting your own? It means you can have

Ideas For A Kid’s Birthday Party


Is your young one's birthday party coming up, or perhaps you are simply trying to help your friend organize a party for their child? If so, you will have a lot to consider from music to gifts and games. To help get organized fast, we have recommended some song and

How To Throw The Perfect Party For Your Friends


Throwing a great party is somewhat of a skill that you can learn. In order to throw one, you must first know the person or people you’re throwing it for, and know what they like and enjoy. If you’re in charge of how the party is set to pan out,

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Band


If you’ve always thought music is much more than making music, and that music has the ultimate power to portray feeling and atmosphere to a person’s life, then perhaps you’ve always wanted to start a band and influence people’s lives. However, making the wrong decisions can ultimately result in a

4 Reasons Music Makes Life Better


Music is an important part of many people’s lives. It forms the soundtrack of almost everything they do and they just couldn’t and wouldn’t be without it. When we look at the reasons why music makes life better it’s clear that it’s not just about listening to a nice sound

The Influence of Music on Our Research Writing

The Influence of Music on Our Research Writing

Music has a profound effect on human creativity. It can help inspire ideas, change the tone and way you write and get you into what psychologists refer to as "the flow state". However, it's important to note that not all music has this effect. In fact, Pop music has the opposite

Jimi Hendrix – What He Left Behind and Ahead!

Jimi Hendrix

When music lovers are speaking about the most famous guitarists, they can't end their talk without mentioning the very acclaimed guitarist- Jimi Hendrix. Most of his fans from back in the days know that Jimi got his success from the likes of Django Reinhardt, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and George

Ways You Can Support The Music Scene


Music is more than notes on a page for many people. It’s a passion and way of life and is what motivates them to get out of bed each day. If you’re someone who’s equally into music as these types of people, then it makes sense you’d want to do

Four ways to enjoy the summer


With the summer fast approaching, there’s the promise of lots of warm weather and longer days to enjoy, but what are you going to do to make the most of any time off you have? Will you head off on an exotic holiday, or will you enjoy some activities closer

Alternative music careers you may not have considered

Live Music

Becoming the next big Rock God is obviously the dream for many, but it’s not suited to all. However, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect to consider the areas of the music industry where you could fit, and make a satisfying career embroiled in the medium that you love.