The Influence of Music on Our Research Writing

The Influence of Music on Our Research Writing

Music has a profound effect on human creativity. It can help inspire ideas, change the tone and way you write and get you into what psychologists refer to as "the flow state". However, it's important to note that not all music has this effect. In fact, Pop music has the opposite

Jimi Hendrix – What He Left Behind and Ahead!

Jimi Hendrix

When music lovers are speaking about the most famous guitarists, they can't end their talk without mentioning the very acclaimed guitarist- Jimi Hendrix. Most of his fans from back in the days know that Jimi got his success from the likes of Django Reinhardt, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and George

Ways You Can Support The Music Scene


Music is more than notes on a page for many people. It’s a passion and way of life and is what motivates them to get out of bed each day. If you’re someone who’s equally into music as these types of people, then it makes sense you’d want to do

Four ways to enjoy the summer


With the summer fast approaching, there’s the promise of lots of warm weather and longer days to enjoy, but what are you going to do to make the most of any time off you have? Will you head off on an exotic holiday, or will you enjoy some activities closer

Alternative music careers you may not have considered

Live Music

Becoming the next big Rock God is obviously the dream for many, but it’s not suited to all. However, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect to consider the areas of the music industry where you could fit, and make a satisfying career embroiled in the medium that you love.

The Perfect Music Playlist for A Casino-Themed Party


Music adds so much fervour to a social gathering, private party and even to corporate events. Hosting a themed party is not merely a craze, but it adds so much more excitement to an occasion. It keeps the guests busy scooting and scouting for the perfect outfit to match up

The Bands We Hope Re-unite

No matter your age it is devastating to see one of your favourite bands call it a day. You have put in serious man hours listening to their discography, possibly spent an obscene amount of money on merchandise and tickets to see them live, for them to just pull the

How to Make it as a Recording Artist in 2018


Do you believe you have what it takes to make it as a serious musician? If so, you must be willing to invest your blood, sweat and tears to reach your potential within the music industry. If you believe this year is your year, find out how to make it

Why #MeToo Will Impact the Odds to Win Best Picture at the 2018 Oscars

With the 2018 Academy Awards over a week away, the question about which film will win the Best Picture category may be proving to be an easy one to answer in light of the #MeToo campaign. What began with sexual assault/misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein ripped through the rest of Hollywood

Seven ways to get onto music scene


Have you always had a burning desire to play an instrument, record a track, sing in a choir, or take to the stage in a musical? Maybe you showed some flair for the performing arts at school and never pursued it? Well, if you still think you’ve got the musical