Messi vs. Ronaldo – The Battle of the Followers


Sports players are not only athletes. Today, an outstanding athlete is often considered a real celebrity, like any movie star or a pop singer. Their success doesn’t solely depend on the way they perform in games anymore, but also on how they present themselves on social media. One sports rivalry between two soccer players, in particular,

Everything You’ll Need to Start a Career in Pop Singing


Most great singers express their talent before they’re even fully conscious that they can go on to make a career out of their gift. You’ll already be singing your heart out be five years old and, by fifteen, you’ll likely have moved friends and family to tears. But what does it take to transform

Important Tips for Traveling with Your Portable Sewing Machine


If you happen to travel either by air or by road with your portable sewing machine, here are a few tips for you. Well, you will not always be traveling with your portable machine, but chances are that you will want to travel with it on vacation or bring it home once you buy

What Avid Bettors And Casino Punters Need To Look Out For


Betting is serious business if you come to think about it. Yes, it’s fun and entertaining and a sure way to kill off time, but at the end of the day there is money involved. And when there’s money, you need to know what you’re doing. You could find the

Things to Do Before Your Next Major Concert

The Smashing Pumpkins

While being in a band for many is a teenage pipedream, for others it is their greatest ambition. True musicians never give up and are always looking for ways to become the next Nirvana or Foo Fighters, but becoming a recognized band isn’t easy. Dedication, passion and the ability to play music well all

Behind the Scenes: Music at the Super Bowl

One of the highlights of the Super Bowl, apart from the football itself, of course, is the half time show. For a couple of decades or so now, the half time show has been a kind of high-status mini concert for pop stars and an extra attraction for the fans.

The Lasting Influence of Michael Jackson on Contemporary Art


The music of Michael Jackson has brought a lot of joy to many people over the years. However, it is perhaps surprising to see that the late singer’s influence is carrying on strongly in the world of contemporary art as well as in music. An example of this comes with

Ways Music Makes Our Lives Better

The Beaches

Whether you enjoy classical music or punk rock, or anything (and everything) in between, music is a great addition to everyone’s lives. It’s not just about finding something enjoyable though; there are some proven benefits of listening to music, and studies have shown that it truly does make our lives

The Ultimate Fan Girl: Grieving for a Celebrity Death


Have you ever experienced grieving for your favorite celebrity death? If yes, then do you think it is reasonable enough to grieve because you’re an ultimate fan? Well, you should know that there is nothing wrong about mourning for a death of a celebrity and learn more about this issue