Getting Cozy With: Skyways Are Highways

Skyways Are Highways

ALOHA!!!!!!!!! Skyways Are Highways here, we are a Pineapple Pop group originally from the sunny shores of Byron Bay, now brightening up the gloomy streets of Melbourne, fruiting up one hidden laneway after another! Our influences range from 50’s/60’s Pop, to 90’s Punk, Indie Pop, and Metal! We have recently released our third

Getting Cozy With… Unwinding Cables!

Hello there.. We are Unwinding Cables, heard of us? Probably not! Well we are a Afro-Punk trio based in Cork City, Ireland. I bet you haven't heard of Afro-Punk before, no biggy...neither have we 'till we started playing in late 2011. According to Wikipedia "Afro-Punk refers to the participation of African