You’ve GOT to See This: Lissie – “Blood and Muscle”

It was Lissie's third album, My Wild West, that brought the Illinois singer to AMBY's attention. Tracks like the resolute Daughter, the dynamic Stay and the Fleetwood Mac stylings that drift amidst Don't You Give up on Me prompted an obsessive trawl through her back catalogue revealing even more shimmering

You’ve GOT to Hear This: Peace – “Happy People”


With an eclectic mix of tracks overflowing with 90's influences, 'Happy People' sees Peace return with more of that bubbly indie, which with a nostalgic twist lifted them off the ground in 2013. Slipping back into the psyche fused guitar riffs, rutty bass and popish themed choruses, 'Happy People' is

You’ve GOT to Hear This: Foo Fighters – “Sonic Highways”

Foo Fighters

Lean and mean, Foo Fighters' ‘Sonic Highways’ is hardly just a rock album. Recorded in eight different US cities, rich stories and a vast array of influences are injected, attempting to create something different and spark that creative flare. ‘Something From Nothing’ takes inspiration from Chicago, as prominent bluesy rhythms act

You’ve GOT to Hear This: Wye Oak – “Shriek”

Wye Oak

When I first heard that Wye Oak’s new album, Shriek, would be a lot less guitar-centred and more electronic than their previous releases, I was a little anxious; Jenn’s guitar playing in some of the band’s older tracks (Civilian, in particular) was easily my favorite thing about the band and