Gimme Your Answers: A Video Interview w/ Róisín Murphy

Roisin Murphy

During her first ever North American tour, Irish singer and songwriter Róisín Murphy performed her amazing art-rock record Take Her Up to Monto in Toronto and AMBY had the delight of speaking with her beforehand. Dive into our conversation as we discuss photographing buildings, fashion, love comedies, being a weirdo,

Gimme Your Answers 2: A Video Interview w/ Everything Everything

Everything Everything

While having a blast at TIME Festival in Toronto, AMBY had the absolute delight of interviewing one of our favourites, Everything Everything, before their first Canadian show ever! Dive into our latest video as we speak with the art-pop group's Jonathan Higgs and Alex Robertshaw to discuss clichés, trying to

Getting Cozy With: Technicolor Hearts

Technicolor Hearts

Hello AMBY readers, We are a musical duo from Austin, Texas that features Naomi Cherie on violin, vocals and various sound effects and Joseph Salazar on piano, synths, guitar and drum machines.  We don't really fit into a genre so we like to call ourselves 'arts and crafts pop.' We just released

Getting Cozy With… ROAR!


My name is Owen and I write songs under the name "roar."  I am on a never-ending search for melody.  I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I have been writing and recording my first full-length record in my apartment, that smells like rats.  My cat has struck some sort of arrangement

Getting Cozy With… Newsmen!


Newsmen are questioned by their lyricist [Sean Fitzpatrick] on behalf of A Music Blog, Yea?! S: First off, where and who are you? Andrew [Fitzpatrick, Singer/Pianist]: We’re a rock band from Toronto. We are you, me, and our good friends Matt [Frewen] and Justin [Justin]. They respectively play drums and basses. S: Do

Getting Cozy With… Fantastic Piano!

“Fantastic Piano is a rainbow giving post-industrial Glasgow a cuddle and asking for dance. If you pass a place and see the name on a chalkboard, dive inside and maybe get out of your head for a while. Your doctor would prescribe it if he knew what was good for