You’ve Got To Hear This: Easy Kill – “Mould”

Easy Kill

“Mould” is the lead single from Manchester quartet Easy Kill’s debut EP “Already Entitled”. It’s marked “Doom Pop” on their SoundCloud page but if that sounds depressing the track is anything but. In fact the “Dream Pop” label isn’t far off capturing an emotive track that despite it’s cataloguing of

Getting Cozy With: Freddie Dickson

Freddie Dickson

Hello Canada! I am a London-born singer and I write music that has often been described as “Doom Pop.” Brought up on a musical diet of Neil Young and Bob Dylan, I became drawn to the works of classic singer-songwriters from a young age. However, I like to combine these earlier influences

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Abbe May

Abbe May

Are sex tourettes contagious? We don't really know. However, we do know that Abbe May's music most definitely is. Her latest record Kiss My Apocalypse is drenched in dark synths and carries Abbe's sexy yet mysterious pop vocals. To sum things up, we agree with her Twitter description, you should