Getting Cozy With: WITTERQUICK


Hey readers of AMBY! We are WITTERQUICK, a rock band from Exeter, UK, made up of Will Alford, Ollie Chanter, Nate Boult, Ben Chanter, and Joe Napper. Rock is an awfully large label, you really need to hear us to get an idea of what we are. Our influences stretch every genre

Getting Cozy With: The Sherpas

The Sherpas

Hi we’re The Sherpas and we would just like to say hello to all the readers of A Music Blog, Yea?. The Sherpas are a five piece band from Exeter, Devon and we met whilst studying music at the local college. Our latest EP ‘ Everybody Freeze, Everybody Get Down’ was released

Getting Cozy With… Flash Fiction!

Flash Fiction

Do you like stories? We do too! So get cozy with me as I tell you the very-true story of how one British-American indie folk-pop was formed: Once upon a time, in a little city along a river, a rather average boy (you’re narrator, to be precise) was sitting alone in

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Rat Attack

Rat Attack

With a lot of the current music scene being dominated by synthpop and folk rock, one Exeter quartet have burst onto the scene with their own breed of rock and roll. In a recent interview, we caught up with Rat Attack to talk about their debut EP, shiny stuff, and

Getting Cozy With… Peacock Affect!

Peacock Affect

Dear everyone who is reading this. I’m George Holman, the man behind Peacock Affect. Although originally this was supposed to be the name of the band I was starting, I soon dropped that idea to go at it alone. I’m seventeen; I live in Exeter/ England and have only been at this

Gimme Your Answers: A Video Interview w/ The Raptors

The Raptors

The Raptors deliver energetic and melodic music. These youthful indie rock 'n' rollers from Exeter graciously took the time to answer some questions for us! So have a look as all five of The Raptors talk to AMBY about raw lyrics, favourite concerts, and funny gig moments! Facebook // Twitter // Alicia