17 acts you can’t miss at Leeds Festival 2015

17 acts you can't miss at Leeds Festival 2015

With such an extensive line-up -- as we scroll down the Leeds' line-up, the incredible list of bands seems to never end -- it was difficult to choose the artists we look forward to covering the most. As we're sure this whole festival is going to be a treat, below

Getting Cozy With… NARCS!


A Brief History of NARCS NARCS are a 4-piece alt rock band from a small city on earth called Leeds. Despite being raised in the four corners of The North, they felt drawn together from birth and eventually collided in a small, damp basement underneath drummer Stanley’s house.  Sadly, after just



19 by NARCS NARCS' debut single 19 will be released July 20th. The track carries a superb amount of energy accompanied by NARCS' attitude laced with a wicked indie-punk vibe. We're excited to exclusively share this video with everyone! So, what are you waiting for? Take a peek below and indulge