Gimme Your Answers: A Video Interview w/ Circa Survive

Circa Survive

While touring through Toronto with Thrice in support of their sixth record release The Amulet, I had the pleasure of speaking with Circa Survive frontman Anthony Green and guitarist Colin Frangicetto. I've fallen in love with this record and its heartfelt lyricism and bright vocabulary, so I was extremely excited

You’ve GOT to See This: Lissie – “Blood and Muscle”

It was Lissie's third album, My Wild West, that brought the Illinois singer to AMBY's attention. Tracks like the resolute Daughter, the dynamic Stay and the Fleetwood Mac stylings that drift amidst Don't You Give up on Me prompted an obsessive trawl through her back catalogue revealing even more shimmering

Gimme Your Answers 4: A Video Interview w/ alt-J


Ahead of their two sold-out shows in Toronto at Massey Hall, I had the pleasure of speaking with Joe Newman and Gus Unger-Hamilton from alt-J. Dive into our conversation on AMBY as we discuss funny curse lingo, the best drinks, band insults, brewery tours, and speaking Japanese. Interview by Alicia Atout