AMBY’s Best Interview Quotes of 2012: Part Three

We’re going all the way back, through all the interviews of the year, to give you the scoop on the best interview quotes of 2012! Here’s Part Two, featuring our interviews with Ida Maria, The Sherlocks, Stix from Steel Panther, Eux Autres and The Pack AD! AMBY: And lastly, tell us

Gimme Your Answers 3: An Interview w/ Steel Panther

An Interview with Lexxi Foxx of Steel Panther! He’s the man with the black panther in his dressing room, the decked out cellphone, the gorgeous hair everyone envies, and he’s also the man who rocks the hell out of a bass! I had the opportunity of speaking to the king of

Gimme Your Answers 2: An Interview w/ Steel Panther

An Interview with Michael Starr of Steel Panther! Well, it's Steel Panther interview round two! After having the opportunity of speaking to the band's badass drummer Stix, their vocalist Michael Starr also took the time to answer a few questions for us! He talks about their music, favourite concert moments and

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Steel Panther

An Interview with Stix Zadinia of Steel Panther! Now, just to clear something up... I know the blog generally sticks to a certain genre, but we HAD to make an exception here. Steel Panther transcends genres and are such a vivacious and killer band that we needed to add a feature on

Monday, August 13th, 2012: Night Playlist

I've been thinking lately about how within a couple weeks I'm back to school. Then it brought me back to those moments where I'm up late at night and have homework, oh joy! The one thing that gets me through moments like that is music! So here's a playlist of